Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation/Transcript (2024)

[On a train heading to Budapest, the monsters were in disguises.]

Conductor: Budapest, Budapest, the next stop, Budapest. Budapest is the next stop. Budapest. (pulls out a hole puncher) Tickets, ladies.

Frankenstein: (in disguise) Ooh, here you go.

Dracula: (in disguise) Here's mine.

Wayne: (in disguise) And mine.

Murray: (in disguise) Mine too.

Griffin: (in disguise) Here you go.

[The conductor punches their tickets then leaves.]

Dracula: (in disguise) And, thank you, young man.

Murray: (in disguise) Man, I hate wearing disguises. These heels are killing me.

Dracula: (in disguise) Okay, take it down a notch, we don't want to alarm the humans.

Frankenstein: (in disguise) Psst, Drac.

[A little Austrian boy was looking at the monsters, ready to freak out.]

Austrian Boy: I'm about to und freak out!

Dracula: You're a nice kitty. (hypnotizes him with his eyes)

Austrian Boy: (hypnotized) I'm und kitty cat. Meow, meow.

[Suddenly, a man with a steampunk proton pack comes in and almost scares the crowd. The monsters turn and see him though Dracula wasn’t amused.]

Dracula: (in disguise) Oh, no, not this clown again.

Young Van Helsing: Good evening, travelers, I am professor Abraham Van Helsing. Yes. One of the Van Helsings. For centuries, my family protected humanity from the evils of monsters. So, you can believe me when I tell you there are monsters hiding amongst you! (scares a chicken) But fear not, for I am a professional. And I know how to flush (pulls out a match box) out these beasts. And bring them into the light! (lights a match near Frankenstein which scares him)

Frankenstein: Fire, Bad!

[He panics and the monsters run off with their disguises off. Van Helsing fired his weapon at them but missed. Soon, the monsters are chased on top of the train and for a moment, Dracula needs to think of a way to save his friends. So, he did the one thing he thought up.]

Dracula: Sorry, guys!

[He pushed his friends off the train though they were hurt by the trees which made Griffin break his glasses, Wayne face planted, Frank losing his body parts, and Murray doing the splits on a tree which hurt his crotch. Soon, Van Helsing has Drac cornered by the end of the train.]

Young Van Helsing: Finally, first I kill Dracula, and then the rest of the monsters!

Dracula: Why do you keep doing this? Your dad, your grandfather, your great-great-granny, your weird aunt Chloe you never talked about. I defeated them all. When will you Van Helsings ever learn to let go of the hate?

Young Van Helsing: Never! Because you monsters are evoked as...

Dracula: (as a mouse) Eh, squeak, squeak?

Young Van Helsing: Huh, A mouse?

[The monster hunter hits the tunnel before he could react. Later, he chased him by plane.]

Young Van Helsing: You can't run from me, Prince of Darkness! I will hunt you for all eternity.

[As he crashed his plane into a cliff, latter, he chased Drac.]

Young Van Helsing: I swear, I will never rest until I destroy you!

[The car crashed into a wall. At a cliff...]

Young Van Helsing: And... (falls off when the bridge broke) Every... (gets hit by a rock in the cave) Other... Monsters… (gets hit by a wrecking ball) If it's the last thing... (gets hit by an apple cart) I... Ever… (gets punched in the face then falls off a cliff) Dooooooo!

Dracula: Boy, that guy is annoying. Maybe one day there will be a place where the monsters can go, to get away from it all. Take a vacation, who knows? Maybe even get married. Wouldn't that be something?

[In the ocean, Van Helsing was so mad that he screams in rage underwater vowing that he will not stop until he kills Dracula and the monsters. Present day, a wedding was going on in Hotel Transylvania. A spiked monster was waiting for his bride to appear.]

Wayne: When is this thing starting? (the wolf pups cry)

Frankenstein: Oh, you made them cry, Wayne. (refers to a small wolf pup) Oh, Except this little one.

Wayne: That's Sunny, she doesn't cry. (Sunny bites Frank’s finger off)

Frankenstein: Ow!

Wayne: (retrieves Frank’s finger) She bites.

Dracula: (to the spike monster) This is a very special moment, Carl. Any second, your beautiful bride is going to walk right down the aisle.

Carl: Oh no, Drac. She's not coming.

Dracula: Oh, don't worry. Mavis is with her. I'm sure everything is under control. (on com) Mavie, is everything under control?

Mavis: (on com) Um... yup, just a slight case of pre-wedding jitters.

[The spiked bride shot out needles everywhere as she cried.]

Mavis: (on com) Yup, everything is fine. (to Lucy) Please, try to relax, Lucy. I've taken care of everything. The wedding is going to be perfect.

Lucy: It's not that. Just... how do I know I'm doing the right thing?

Mavis: I know just how you feel. The day I married Johnny was the best day of my life, but… I was so nervous.

Dracula: Not as nervous as I was.

Mavis: And you should have seen my dad, he was a mess.

Dracula: I wouldn't get out of my coffin that night.

Mavis: But he knew it was meant to be. It doesn't matter where you come from, or how different you are. A zing only happens once in your life. And you have to cherish it.

Lucy: You're right! Thank you! (tries to hug her)

Mavis: (avoids the spikes) All right, okay. Oh, okay.

[At the ceremony..]

Blobby: (mumbles)

Carl: I do.

Blobby: (mumbles)

Lucy: I do.

Blobby: (mumbles)

[The monsters cheered as the bride and groom kissed. Suddenly, they hear something coming.]

Mavis: Do you hear that?

Dracula: Yes, I thought we locked him in his room.

Mavis: We did!

[Crashing into the wedding was a giant dog, ridden by Dennis and Winnie.]

Dennis: Hi, mom. Hi, papa!

Dracula and Mavis: Dennis!

Dennis: Tinkles was crying, so we let him out.

[The big mongrel shook slobber everywhere, wetting the monsters.]

Dracula: Tinkles, sit!

[The dog stops in his tracks and the vampire latches a leash on his collar to drag him out.]

Dracula: Ugh, whose idea was it to let Dennis have a pup?

Mavis: Umm, yours?

Dracula: (nervous) Okay. Eh... Eh... Right.

Dennis: Poor Tinkles.

Mavis: Dennis? Look, honey, I know you love Tinkles, but we're not allowed to bring our dogs... (Winnie is taken aback) Uh... uh, I mean our pets everywhere. Okay?

Dennis: Okay.

[Later, a dance party is held in honor of the newlyweds, with Johnny hosting as DJ.]

Johnny: DJ Jessy Johnny in the house. It's time to welcome the happy couple. Mr. and Mrs. Prickles! The bride and groom, invite everyone to join them on the dance floor.

[The couples head out onto the dance floor, but Dracula was feeling pretty lonely. Ever since his wife passed away during the fire, he had to protect Mavis in the hotel by his lonesome. Just then, a female Frankenstein’s monster shows up.]

Frankenlady: Care to dance?

[Drac’s friends are smitten by the beautiful temptress.]

Griffin: Is that her?

Murray: Ooh, watch out now. She got stitches in all the right places.

Griffin: Okay, there's no way that is related to you, Frank.

Frankenstein: Well, she's my right arm's cousin.

[As Dracula holds out his hand to dance with her, the girl grabs his hand with her big arm, crushing him.]

Murray: Oh!

Griffin: Ah, I see it now.

Frankenlady: Frank wanted me to meet you. We're arm new cousins. Twice removed.

Dracula: Ah, of course, eh... I’d have recognized that bicep anyway.

Frankenlady: He thought since we're both single, we might hit it off. Maybe go on a date?

Dracula: Date? Oh, well, eh... It's just that, eh...

[He uses his magic to switch the slow and soothing music into heavy metal.]

Johnny: Whoa, DJ's booth is a sacred space!

Frankenlady: Oh! I love this song! Do you want to dance? (sees that Dracula is gone) Dracula? Oh, where'd he go? Dracula! Dracula!

[As she goes to find him, Dracula is seen by his friends.]

Frankenstein: What's the matter, Drac, you didn't like her?

Griffin: No offense, but you can't be too picky. You haven't had a date in 100 years.

Dracula: Look, guys, I appreciate your concerns, but it's not up to me. You only zing once, and I did.

Griffin: Times have changed, buddy. You can even find someone to zing with on your phone now.

Dracula: What, really? Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I'm far too busy. (leaves while taking out his phone) I have Mavis and Dennis, and the hotel and blah, blah, blah.

Frankenstein: (to Griffin and Murray) Um, did you guys hear that? He actually said "blah, blah-blah".

Dracula: I don't say "blah, blah-blah"!

[Later that night, Dracula was in a room, talking to Siri on his phone.]

Siri: What can I help you with, Lord of Darkness?

Dracula: Eh, Uh... I'm looking for a Zing.

Siri: Okay, changing phone ring.

Dracula: No, no, I'm looking for a date.

Siri: The date is Friday, July 13th.

Dracula: No, no, no, no. I want to meet someone.

Siri: Understood. You want to eat dim sum.

Dracula: Are you kidding me, right now? Don't you get it? I want to go on a date. I'm... lonely.

Siri: I understand. You want baloney.

Dracula: Ugh.

[As Mavis walks by, he uses the Zingr to try to look for a potential date.]

Dracula: What? Look at that there, come on. Huh? Too many eyes. Too few eyes. Not into tentacles. Match found? (his phone starts calling) No, no, no! No, no!

[On screen was a hideous witch surrounded by black cats.]

Zingr Witch: (on the phone) First things first.

Dracula: Whoa!

Zingr Witch: (on the phone) I'm not into games, you'd better have a job, and my cats have to like you.

[Having heard Dracula, Mavis went to investigate.]

Dracula: (offscreen) Oh, hey! No, no! Oh, whoa, no!

Mavis: (enters) Dad?

Dracula: Oh, Mavis! Oh, what are you doing here?

Mavis: I was just checking on the honeymoon suite and I heard something.

Dracula: Oh, I'm sorry my little bedbug, I wa... I was just cleaning the attic. (starts tidying the place up) Oh, Cleaning the attic, cleaning the attic, La-la, So dirty in the attic.

Zingr Witch: (on the phone) Who is that?

Mavis: Are you on the phone?

Dracula: What? This? I was just... Eh... trying to find a maid to help me with the mess.

Zingr Witch: (on the phone) A maid?! Who do you think...

Dracula: Thank you, I'll check your apertures and get after you. Goodbye! (turns off his phone)Ah-da-dee, Ooh-la-la, Dee-doo Oh! I didn't do it... I...

Mavis: Dad, stop trying to hide it from me.

Dracula: Hide? Who? I mean, what, me?

Mavis: Yes. And I know what it is.

Dracula: Uh, really?

Mavis: You're stressed out from working too hard.

Dracula: Oh, okay, yes. You got me, yes. Hey, it's a big hotel, you know? Can't get to everything. What about you? You are pretty busy yourself.

Mavis: I know. It seems like now that we're working together more, we're seeing each other less.

Dracula: Oh, yeah, you're absolutely right. I'm working too much, you're working too much. We should really take a break. Starting right now, night-night. (shoves Mavis out of the room) Oh…

Zingr Witch: (on the phone) I’m still here.

[Meanwhile, Mavis entered her room to see Johnny, Dennis, and Tinkles sleeping while a monster movie was on.]

Mavis: Aww...

[She walks over to the sleepers.]

Johnny: (tired) Oh! Hey, honey. You ready for... date night?

Mavis: Aww... That's okay sweetheart, you rest. You know, dad's right. We need a break. We need to all be together again. Like a family. Like we used to.

[Just as she was about to switch the channel, it went to commercial.]

Announcer: (on TV) Have you overworked and stressed out? Do you need some family time? Are you a monster? Then you need a vacation. A monster vacation.

[Watching the commercial, it gave Mavis a great idea. We cut to the sky, where we see an ordinary airplane...]

Gremlin Stewardess: (offscreen) Welcome aboard. Gremlin Air.

[...Before moving to Gremlin Air, an unsafe, rundown airplane run by green gremlins who run amok wrecking the plane.]

Gremlin Stewardess: Ladies and gentlemen, please direct your attention to the front of the cabin. For your safety, please, unbuckle your seat belts.

[A cyclops unbuckles his seatbelt and gets thrown on the back end of the plane.]

Gremlin Stewardess: In the likely event, we experience a sun dropping cabin pressure, oxygen will be provided for you.

[A gremlin breathes hard on Mr. Hyde’s mouth.]

Gremlin Stewardess (to the Gill Man) Can I stow that for you, sir?

Gill Man: All right, thanks.

[She grabs his luggage and throws them out the window near Frankenstein and his wife.]

Gremlin Assistant: (throwing snacks everywhere) Beverages, beverages, snacks, beverages, beverages, snacks, snacks, snacks, beverages!

Gremlin Stewardess: (offering coffee to Murray) Coffee?

Murray: That would be lovely.

[She pours scalding coffee on his crotch, and he screams in pain.]

Dracula: Mavis, please, you're torturing me! You know I hate surprises.

Mavis: This is a fun surprise.

Dracula: There are no fun surprises. Just tell me where we're going. Why are we on the plane? We can fly, you know!

Vlad: You know, back in my day, people took trains. Now, that's classy.

Dracula: Sure, dad, 40 hours in a classic size room with you and Uncle Bernie, and his smelly cigars. Arguing who is more attractive, Cleopatra or Nefertiti.

Vlad: Oh, Nefertiti.

Dracula: (shocked while Mavis chuckled) Okay dad, thank you. (to Mavis) Mavis, this is such an amazing surprise. I can't wait to spend time with the people I love most. But I beg of you... tell me where we're going!

Mavis: No, I've taken care of everything. So, you don't need to worry. You've been so stressed out lately. It's time for you to relax.

[And so, Mavis lowers his chair then gives his face some sunscreen, a neck pillow, some slippers, a blanket, and blinded his eyes with a cover.]

Mavis: Well, isn't that better?

Dracula: Ooh yes, so relaxed.

[Meanwhile, on Dennis as Johnny was looking through the window…]

Dennis: (whispers to Winnie) I'm gonna go check on you know who. I'll be right back, I have to go to the bathroom.

Johnny: Hey, did you see that?

Winnie: Dennis went to the bathroom!

Johnny: Uh... Okay.

[The little boy slips off into the luggage carrier.]

Dennis: Psst! Hey, where are you?

[Tinkles appears in the pile of luggage.]

Dennis: There you are, Tinkles. Don't worry, we'd never leave you alone alive.

Netbale: (on com) Okay, folks. You're free to move around the cabin as we have started our descent.

[A gremlin whacks the engine with a hammer and it blows up, causing the plane to start falling. However, the pilots were having a calm talk during the fall.]

Bob: So, any made plans for the weekend, Netbale?

Netbale: Oh, you know, the usual. Gotta take the kids out to soccer.

[As the plane continues to fall, the stewardess hands out snacks to the passengers.]

Gremlin Stewardess: Snacks, beverages, snacks, beverages, snacks...

[Soon, the plane hits the water and resurfaces.]

Netbale: Ladies and gentlemen, we've arrived at our destination, The Bermuda Triangle.

[Before them was a triangle-shaped chasm with a pile of ships that had entered and disappeared in it.]

The Gang: Ooh.

[As the plane falls in, it lands at the bottom which the monsters have to climb up. After climbing to the US Navy battleship, the door was opened by a fish… with feet.]

Stan: Welcome to The Bermuda Triangle, where you'll embark on a monster cruise of a lifetime.

[They then spot a huge cruise boat known as The Legacy or as they say, the S.S. Legacy. Dracula was surprised.]

Dracula: A cruise?!

Mavis: Surprise!

Dracula: Oh, no, no, no! But it's... just like the hotel... on the water.

Mavis: I just figured you need a vacation from running everyone else's vacation. You've barely been out of the hotel since... Well, since mom died. But this is a chance to make new room for us. With all of us, with Dennis.

Dennis and Johnny: (surprised) Booooooooooooooat.

Dracula: Who made you into such an amazing daughter?

Mavis: You.

Dracula: Heh-heh, that's right. What a proud man. (gives Dennis a piggyback ride) Come on, Dennisovich, let's get cruising!

[Soon, the monster entered the ship, and it was breathtaking. The servants were all fish walking on human feet and the interior looked amazing. Not to mention the glass mirror of a human shaking hands with a friendly monster. Soon, the ship departed and was sailing away from The Bermuda Triangle. In the boat, Wayne and Wanda are having their pictures taken with their wailing wolf pups.]

Stan: Okay! Smile. (the picture is taken) Thank you.

[Later, three witches are flying in their brooms till they reach for their seats. They magically get in their swimsuits and relax on the chairs though the short one gets kicked by her broom. Meanwhile, Dennis and Winnie, however, notice a “No Pets Allowed” sign, which is bad news for Tinkles.]

Dennis: "No Pets Allowed"? Uh-oh.

[He and Winnie put a jacket and hat on the giant dog.]

Dennis: Perfect.

[They did a handshake until Winnie kissed him. Though Dennis doesn’t like to be kissed since… Well, he’s not ready for love. Soon,...]

Winnie: Dennis, come on.

[They walk up to the counter with the disguised Tinkles.]

Stan: Oh, hello. Welcome aboard.

Dennis: Uh, this is Bob. Say, "Hi, Bob".

Tinkles: (in disguise) Hi, Bob.

[Griffin and his girlfriend were walking down the hall.]

Crystal: Oh, my Gosh, Griffin. I'm like, so excited. This is, like, the nicest hotel I've ever been to.

Griffin: Yeah!

Murray: Man, this is amazing! There's so much to do. A living size swimming pool. All you can eat buffet?! Full service Spa?! Ooh-ho, give me a seaweed re-wrap.

Dracula: Wow, it sounds like everything we can do at our hotel?!

Murray: Except on the water!

[Fireworks explode in the sky, mesmerizing the monsters, but scaring Tinkles.]

Johnny: You nailed it, honey. Your dad is going to love this. Best summer vacation ever!

Mavis: Wait till you see the itineraries.

[Soon, fireworks were setting off.]

Frankenstein: Oh, that’s nice.

Dracula: Frank, "Fire, Bad" remember?

Frankenstein: Oh, yeah, right, but uh... maybe we can find your own fireworks on the cruise, huh?

Dracula: It's not the love boat, Frank. I'm just here to have fun with my family.

[Suddenly, from high above the ship, a lovely young woman swings on a rope and lands on top of the mast. This beautiful woman was Ericka.]

Ericka: Ahoy, there! Welcome aboard. (greets in multiple languages)

Murray: Wow. Who is that?

[Dracula’s eyes zinged at the sight of the woman.]

Ericka: I am Captain Ericka, and yes, I'm human. But don't hold that against me, I could not be more excited to have all of you on-board, our first ever monster cruise!

[A smile stretches across Dracula’s face and his heart starts pounding.]

Mavis: Hey Drac, are you okay?

[The vampire responds with lovey-dovey gibberish.]

Mavis: Oh, no! He's having a heart attack!

Murray: Drac? Not likely.

Wayne: And the only heart attack that can hurt him is with a wooden stake.

Mavis: It must be a stroke!

Wayne: (points to Ericka) Actually, I think it might be her. (accidentally hits Griffin)

Griffin: Ow! Watch where you're pointing, mister. I'm right here.

Wayne: You always stand so close to me. It's creepy.

Ericka: For so long, monsters were hiding, living in the shadows, but not anymore. You've stood up and waved your hand, a claw or tentacle, and said, "We're here, we are hairy, and it is our right to be scary!" Now, it's time to celebrate. You'll enjoy gourmet dinings, thrilling adventures, and non-stop entertainment. All awaits to our final destination. The lost city that isn't lost anymore, Atlantis!

[Fish servants paraded around the ship, doing tricks and acrobats.]

Dennis: Oh, yeah!

Winnie: Woo-hoo!

Johnny: Whoa, the fish are acrobats. The fishcrobats!

[Johnny and Mavis flip off after the fishcrobats.]

Ericka: (walks towards Dracula) So, you must be the one and only, Dracula. I have waited so long to meet you. Wow, you really don't age do you? I'd kill for your skin.

Dracula: (loving gibberish)

Ericka: Oh, you're speaking Transylvanian. Oh, I always wanted to learn.

[The two spoke loving gibberish at each other.]

Ericka: Oh, such a romantic language. You know, there's just something about an accent that makes a man sound so intelligent.

Dracula: Ali-boo-boo.

Frankenstein: That’s Transylvanian right there. He's saying "It's nice to meet you". (the gang drag Dracula off)

Ericka: Oh, well, then. Ali-boo-boo to you as well.

[They got to a nearby hiding spot.]

Frankenstein: Drac! Drac! Drac, snap out of it!

Griffin: Wait, wait. I have always wanted to do this, alright? (throws water at him) Wake, up! Wake up, Drac! (slaps him left and right) Snap out of it!

Frankenstein: Hey, cut it out! (to Dracula) Hey buddy, you okay?

Dracula: No, no, not okay. Not, okay. I... I... I... Zinged.

[He smiles warmly at his first zing in a long time. Meanwhile, the three witches were ogling at Vlad as he walked over to his seat. They stare at his butt while he sets a towel down on his seat. He slowly sits down and wiggles his toes at the witches. The cyclops was playing a game of shuffleboard, where he slides the puck over to the head of a human silhouette. Blobby was swaying from side-to-side as the boat rocked. He then starts changing colors and pukes out an infant blob.]

Blobby Baby: (hugs Blobby) Papa!

[We then see Wayne and Wanda walking with their crying wolf pups when they spot a kids club nearby.]

Wayne: "Kids Club"? What's a kids club?

[They got inside to check out the daycare.]

Sunny: Fish.

Winnie: That's right, dear.

Wayne: I'm still not sure I understand. You take my kids all day on purpose?

Sunny: Fish.

Stan: That's right. What's exactly don't you understand?

Wayne: Why?

Stan: So, they can have a great time, and you can have a great time.

Sunny: Fish.

Stan: Oh, don't worry, you'll get them back at the end of the day.

Sunny: Fish.

Wayne: Oh, well. That's better than nothing. (whistles)

[All of the wolf pups swarm into the daycare, and the parents leave, their eyes widened from this turn of events.]

Wayne: So... What do we do now?

Wanda: I think... I think we do whatever we want.

Wayne: Whatever we want?

Wanda: Whatever we want.

Wayne: Whatever we want.

Wanda: Whatever we want.

[The wolves got excited.]

Wayne and Wanda: Whatever we want. Whatever we want. Whatever we want. Whatever we want. Whatever we want.

[At the bar, Ericka greets some of the monster passengers.]

Ericka: Oh, hi. Hello. How are you all doin'?

Hydra Head: Good evening, captain.

Ericka: Oh, well, hello. Oh, my goodness. Would you mind uh... lifting, uh... lifting your tail? You know?

Hydra Head: Oh, certainly. (lifts up his tail)

Ericka: Okay. Thank you so much.

[She walked by and went past Harry Three-Eye.]

Harry Three-Eye: Oh, hello.

Ericka: Welcome aboard.

[Soon, the captain enters a secret passage from the walls and goes into her hideout down below the ship.]

Ericka: Oh, you were so right, great-grandfather! Monsters are disgusting!

???: (offscreen) They're animals!

[Stepping out of the shadows was the monster hunter, Van Helsing himself! However, he was now old… and his body was now a machine on wheels except for his arms and hands. He moves very slowly towards his granddaughter.]

Van Helsing: I'll be right there!

[After a few moments, he finally comes up to her.]

Van Helsing: Dracula, is he on-board?

Ericka: Yes, I saw him. Face to face, Ugh! I was so nice to him. That pale face of his, and his goofy smile. Showing off his fangs. Ugh! It's just like you taught me.

Van Helsing: He's even worse than I feared! It was that faithful night, that I realize, a human could never defeat a monster. But I wouldn't let our family legacy die. And so I began... To search for an answer. And I saw it, in an ancient text. An instrument of destruction, so powerful it destroyed Atlantis. A whole city of monsters. And laid deep within new runwood lane, waiting. Endlessly, I searched for the lost city. Time passed, and my body began to fail me. Oh, it was so sad, Ericka. First, my liver then my spleen. Followed by a kidney or two. And my good looks. Oooh! But I wouldn't let that stop me. I replaced my feeling organs with technology! And look at me now. Mmm-hmm. Oh, girl, it's an improvement, really.

Ericka: Um... sure.

Van Helsing: And now after 120 years, I finally found Atlantis.

Ericka: Oh! Forget about all this! Let me get rid of Dracula right now. I was so close to him, I could've just...

Van Helsing: No, no, no, no! We have to stick to the plan. Lure the monsters to Atlantis, retrieve the instrument of destruction. Trap them there, and then flush them out. It's simple, Ericka. Now, promise me. You won't try and kill Dracula.

Ericka: Ugh, fine! I promise!

Van Helsing: Promise what?

Ericka: I promise I wouldn't try and kill Dracula. Okay?

[She noticed that her great-grandfather was sleeping due to the dial pointing to nap time.]

Ericka: Don't worry, great-grandfather, I won't try and kill him... I will kill him!

[Later that evening, Dracula got on his best vacation attire and sha-shayed throughout the boat. Blobby joins him in his dancing while Ericka fires her flare gun at Dracula. However, the flare hits Blobby and he flies off in the air, blowing up in the sky and landing back in pieces which form back into him. Next, she cuts a rope that was holding a boat hovering above the dancing duo, but it hits Blobby while the vampire danced, much to her dismay. Later, she swings a crate with a crane to hit Dracula, but he looks over at the horizon to see some dolphins and the crate hits Blobby instead. The blob lands into the water, gets swept up in the boat’s engine, and is launched up into the air. He lands onto Dracula, who continues his merry little dance by the pool.]

Mavis: Work it, Dracula.

Dracula: You know it.

Frankenstein: Oh, looking good, Drac.

Dracula: Feeling good, Frank.

Eunice: Look at you, so fancy.

Dracula: What? This? Please.

Murray: Ooh, dress to impress, huh?

Dracula: Impress? Oh, who do I need to impress?

Griffin: Hey, is that Captain Ericka?

Dracula: (suddenly grows scared) Oh no, no, no, no! (hides in his seat)

Griffin: Oops. No, not her. (his friends laugh)

Murray: (laughing) Ooh, that's great!

Dracula: Very, amusing. (slumps down in his seat)

Frankenstein: Sorry, Drac. You know, it's just... We've never seen you like this.

Dracula: I know, I know. It doesn't make any sense. You can't zing twice. It's impossible! But I did, so now I... (gasps) But what about, Mavis?

Murray: She wants you to be happy, right? I'm sure she'll go with the flow.

Dracula: Oh, no, no, no! Mavis needs me, she depends on me. I need to be home with my family.

Griffin: Hey, Murray here may be from Egypt, but you're the one in de nile. (chuckles) You guys get that? (Dracula smacks him) Ow! You hit me right in the…

Dracula: Mavis! (to his friends) Don’t say a word or I’ll haunt your dreams.

[He walks over to his daughter.]

Mavis: Having fun?

Dracula: Oh, I'm having even more fun, now that you're here.

Mavis: You know, dad, I feel really lucky to have this time with you. All of us together, it's really special.

Dracula: Me too, Spider-Monkey.

Mavis: Now, are you ready for me to destroy you in monster ball?

Johnny: Whoo-hoo! Monster ball!

Dennis: Come on, Papa Drac!

Dracula: Oh, do bring it on! (jumps up and gets in his swimsuit) For I am king of family fun!

[He gets in the pool for a round of Monster Ball.]

Murray: Alright! Who’s ready to get pummeled?

Johnny: I gotta warn you, I've played second team co-ed Intramural volleyball at Santa Cruz.

Frankenstein: Sure, pal. Whatever you say.

Eunice: Everybody, just please, watch the hair. Watch the hair!

Dracula: Oh, let's go! Let's do this!

Mavis: Oh, my gosh! This is gonna be so much fun.

Murray: Be ready! Here comes the pain!

[And so, the game begins!]

Eunice: (smacking the ball away by flailing her hands) Not the hair! Not the hair!

[The two teams hit the ball back and forth in the pool, with Mavis giving the ball a mighty blow.]

Eunice: No, no, no, no, no...

[The ball splashes on the water, wetting her hair. The team cheers.]

Stan: (via intercom) Captain Ericka, you are needed on deck.

Ericka: Next stop. Bye-bye, Dracula.

[Back in the game, Murray hits the ball towards Vlad, who scares it off with his frightening face. As Ericka turns on the microphone, Frank hits the ball in slow motion.]

Dracula: Oh, baby. I got this.

Ericka: (via intercom) Hey there, monsters.

[Distracted, Dracula turns around and the ball lands on his head.]

Frankenstein: Yeah! What’d I say?!

Ericka: (via intercom) We're arriving at our first destination. The underwater volcano! Everyone, grab your scuba gear and get ready to explore the wonders of the sea. Especially, you. Count Dracula.

Frankenstein: You see that? She likes you.

Dracula: (nervous) Oh, no, no, no, no...

Murray: That sounds like a zing in full effect.

Dracula: (nervous) No, no, no, no, no...

Griffin: Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes...

Dracula: (nervous) I'm just here to have family fun. Family, family, fun, fun.

[Soon, every monster on the ship got on their scuba gears while Ericka, however, in a secret location, gets in her sub and activates all of its systems. Later, everyone jumps in the water and into the deep.]

Stan: Right this way, everyone.

[They follow the fish-headed guy to an underwater volcano.]

Stan: Welcome to one of the true wonders of the underwater kingdom. I give you, Volcano Del Fuego! Or as the local sea life call it… (makes popping sounds)

[Unknown to the others, Ericka was following them in her submarine. Dennis was swimming after a little guppy, only for it to be eaten by a shark. The little boy swims away in fear, prompting the nearby Dracula to hypnotize it into freeing the guppy and giving him and Dennis a ride. The shark bites Frank’s behind then swims away. Ericka spots Mavis riding on a humpback whale with Johnny hanging onto its tail. Meanwhile, Dracula and his family swam before a seahorse, mimicking its swaying movement. Ericka pulls down a lever to aim some wooden stakes at the gang. Dracula then sees a manta ray swimming by and he mimics its swimming. The gang giggled at this.]

Ericka: (giggles) Oh, what a cute family. What? No it's not! Dracula, bad! Dracula, bad!

[She fires the stakes at Dracula, but they miss due to Dracula riding on the manta ray from below. Little yellow fish swim near her submarine, prompting the gang to come towards it. She tries to peddle away, but Dracula grabs the sub’s tail to have a photo opportunity. Ericka pushes a button to blast out of the submarine right as Mavis takes the picture. Looking at the photo, she noticed Ericka’s legs cropped out. This made her suspicious of the woman. A puffer fish swells up while Frank’s stomach growls. Finally, the Drac Pack resurfaces inside the ship.]

Griffin: Frank, we just ate. I can't believe you're hungry already.

Frankenstein: I'm sorry. You know what it is... It's all just... All that sea-food, just swimming around it. When I see food….

Murray: (groans) Oh, man!

Ericka: (nearby) Oh, Dracula, Dracula, Dracula, Dracula, Dracula! I get so close, it's almost like he's teasing me. I just... I can't stand it anymore! I have to get him!

[Hearing this, the Drac Pack runs upstairs to tell Dracula. On the main deck...]

Vlad: (to the witches) Boy, that underwater volcano was hot!

[Drac and his family see the disguised Tinkles approach them, along with Dennis and Winnie.]

Dennis: Oh. Hi, Bob. Buddy, we promised you we'd play... uh... ping-pong now?

Mavis: Um, Dennis, who is this?

Dennis: Uh... it's our friend, Bob.

Winnie: Say, "Hi, Bob".

Tinkles: Hi, Bob. (the gang was unnerved a little)

Dennis: Okay! Time to go play ping-pong. (he and Winnie push Tinkles out of sight)

[They then spot the Drac Pack running to Dracula.]

Drac Pack: Drac! Drac! Drac! Drac! Drac! Drac!

Dracula: Hey, boys, where's the fire?

Frankenstein: Oh, uh! Well, Griffin here, he...

Murray: He has something to tell you.

Griffin: Me? Uh... Oh! Yeah, I got this bite on my hand, and since you know... Gee... You're a biting expert, I thought you could take me...

Frankenstein: Yeah, come on. Over here!

Murray: The light is there… (drag Dracula out)

Mavis: Okay…

Drac’s friends take him to a hiding spot.

Dracula: Okay, what is going on? You guys are acting weirder than normal. And your normal is pretty weird.

Frankenstein: You are not gonna believe what we heard but...

Murray: (sings) Everybody loves the Drac! She can't get enough about Drac! Drac! Dracula! You got the zing! All the zing, zing, zing!

Dracula: Shh! I told you I don't want to upset Mavis. But what are you talking about?!

Griffin: Okay, well see, Frank on hungry so, no surprise there, but uh... We swam back to the ship, and we found Ericka, raving about you!

Frankenstein: She can't live without you, buddy. It's serious!

Murray: (sings) You can't deny the zing, baby!

[Ericka was nearby, listening to their conversation.]

Griffin: So, Drac, this is great. Now, are you gonna make her move on your coffin or what?

Dracula: Ah, yes. Maybe? No, no... It's been awhile, I don't even know where to start.

Murray: It's easy, Drac. Make some small talk.

Griffin: And remember to smile.

Frankenstein: Look into her eyes.

Murray: Jimmy Cash her.

Griffin: Say something funny.

Frankenstein: Ask her where her parts are from.

Murray: Oh, and say that her wrappings look nice.

Griffin: You like coffins.

Frankenstein: Compliment her. "Your neck looks delicious"

Griffin: (spots Ericka coming) Here she comes. (pushes Dracula towards her) Okay, Drac. Hit it.

Dracula: Your delicious neck wrappings are in a nice coffin. Would you like to see my parts?

[Griffin makes a falling bomb sound.]

Ericka: Yes, I'd love to go out with you.

Dracula: What?

Drac Pack: What?!

Ericka: Canteena, midnight. Don't be late.

[After she leaves, a crooked smile is shown on Dracula’s face. Meanwhile, Dennis, Winnie, and Tinkles were hiding somewhere.]

Dennis: Phew! That was a close one.

[Tinkles then smells something and walks off, sniffing on the ground.]

Dennis: Wait! Tinkles, come back!

Winnie: Stop it, Tinkles! Stop!

[They follow the dog as he finds the secret door and enters.]

Dennis: Tinkles, stop!

Winnie: Wait!

Dennis: Move, move, move...

[The dog slides down the pole and finds the door to the secret lair and he starts barking at it.]

Dennis: Tinkles, stop!

Van Helsing: I've been found! You'll never get me, monster!

Dennis: Shh! Tinkles, stop! Shh! Shh!

[The two kids push him out just as Van Helsing notices the outside was covered in dog slobber.]

Van Helsing: Ew...


Stan: (on com) Everybody, we are pulling up to our next stop. The deserted island. It's time to get lost on the beach. And we hope you’ll find in yourselves some fun and relaxation.

[The ship stops at a deserted island, and everyone gets off to have some fun.]

Johnny: Whoo-hoo! Beach time!

Mavis: Johnny, you go set everything up. And, dad, you go get in line for the snow cones.

Dracula: You know, actually, I was thinking, You and Johnny should spend some time together. What do you call it again? Eh... Date night?

Johnny: Date night?!

Mavis: What are you gonna do?

Dracula: Well, I thought me and the guys would take this opportunity to spend some quality time with Dennis.

Mavis: That's a great idea. Come on, Johnny. Date night.

Johnny: Da-da-da-date night!

[Blobby gets out a chunk of his blob to create an umbrella for him and his son to relax under. They then create their own shades from their blob bodies. Meanwhile, Wayne and Wanda were having tons of fun now that they’re away from the kids.]

Wayne: Okay, here you go! (throws the ball and Wanda retrieves it) Good girl!

Wanda: I got this one. (throws the ball and Wayne retrieves it)

[Suddenly, they heard a noise.]

Wayne: What was that?

Wanda: It sounds like our children.

Wayne: (spots their children approaching) It is our children!

Wayne and Wanda: Run!

[They run off as the wolf pups swarm on Stan.]

Eunice: Frank, would you rub some moon-screen on my back, before I get burned?

Frankenstein: Wait one second, honey. I-I... the kids buried me in the sand.

[Dennis and Winnie run off with Frank’s hand, so his other hand hops over to rub sunscreen on her back.]

Eunice: Mmm. Thanks, honey.

[Soon, everyone was dining at the cafe.]

Johnny: Isn't this place amazing? Whoa, the menu is in the bottle! Genius! Isn't that awesome, honey?

[Mavis was busy frowning at the moment.]

Mavis: What? Oh, Sorry. I was just thinking about my dad. Don't you think he's acting weird lately?

Johnny: Not really. Besides having a huge crush on the Captain.

Mavis: What?

Johnny: Oh, yeah. The love boat is definitely making another run.

Mavis: No way, he's... he's my dad.

Johnny: I know, right? It's weird. When my parents kiss, I still close my eyes.

Mavis: I guess I never thought about him with anyone besides my mom.

Johnny: You're cool with it though, right?

Mavis: Of course, I-I want him to be happy.

Johnny: Totally.

Mavis: Totally...

[Meanwhile, a small, big nosed Chupacabra is seen ordering at the bar.]

El Chupacabra: Buenas noches, mi amigo. Have you, eh... beverage? To quench me of my, bargement.

Stan: Yes, of course, Mr. Chupacabra. (hands him a goat on a glass)

El Chupacabra: Muchas gracias. (takes the glass)

[Dracula and Ericka soon meet face-to-face in the restaurant.]

Dracula: (compliments her dress) You look ravishing.

Ericka: Oh, um... thank you.

[He offers her a seat and the two sit down at the table.]

Dracula: So, um... does Captain Ericka have a last name?

Ericka: Uh... Uh.. Oh, uh... (a fish-head serves them a bowl of guacamole) Oh, Guacamole!

Dracula: Ericka Guacamole? That's so... International.

Ericka: No! Guacamole for us to share. Oh, how beautiful is that full moon tonight. Look, right behind you.

[While Dracula turns his head, she pours some garlic oil on his bowl of guacamole.]

Ericka: Mmm. The food here is to die for.

[She feeds him tons of guacamole.]

Dracula: Holy moly, that was a lot of Guacamole.

Ericka: Are you feeling all right?

Dracula: Totally fine. Why?

Ericka: No reason.

[His stomach starts to growl.]

Dracula: Ugh, there must have been a garlic in the Guacamole.

Ericka: Oh no. Isn't that deadly for you?

Dracula: No, no, no... It's just that I... Garlic Intolerant!

[He then lets out a fart. The vampire didn’t die from the garlic oil, much to Ericka’s dismay.]

Dracula: (chuckles nervously) Was that you?

Meanwhile, Mavis and Johnny are surfing on dolphins.

Johnny: Oh, yeah! Dolphin surfing!

[They later got back on shore to see a big sandcastle.]

Johnny: Woah!

Dennis: Hi, mama. Hi, papa.

Winnie: Hey, hey.

Murray: (pops out from the window) Oh, hey there.

Blobby: (mumbles)

Blobby Baby: Papa.

Griffin: (pops out of the sand) Hidey-ho.

Frankenstein: (pops out from below the roof) Hi.

Mavis: (chuckles) Is my dad in there, too?

Griffin: (imitates Dracula) Don't worry, I'm over here. Blah, blah, blah.

Dennis: No, Papa Drac's not here, he's on his date.

Mavis: Date?

[Back with Dracula and Ericka…]

Dracula: Please forgive me. I... I'm just very nervous. You see... I haven't had a date since... my wife died.

Ericka: How old was your daughter?

Dracula: She was just an infant. It was hard being a single dad, but I... I did my best.

Ericka: I never knew my mother either... or my father.

Dracula: Oh, I'm so sorry. Who raised you?

Ericka: My great-grandfather. I basically grew up on this ship.

Dracula: That's why you're a captain.

Ericka: Yeah, it's all I've ever known. And it's just... expected. You know, a family thing.

Dracula: I understand, family is everything. You have to honor the past. But we make our own future.

[The two smile warmly at each other for one tender moment until….]

Mavis: (offscreen) Dad?!

Dracula: Mavis?!

Mavis: (spots Johnny eating some chips) Johnny!

Dracula: Captain Ericka and I were just... Discussing the hospitality industry, you know. Just work stuff!

Mavis: You're working now? This is supposed to be a vacation. A family vacation.

Ericka: I-I should really go... do captainy things. (leaves)

Mavis: Dad, you said you were gonna spend time with Dennis?

Dracula: Dennis? Dennis? Dennis! Dennis? Oh, yeah, you're right. Where is that kid? Dennisovich? You're supposed to be with me. Come on now, kid. It's family time. Quit hiding, Dennis! (goes off)

Mavis: What was that about?

Johnny: You mean your dad's date?

Mavis: It wasn't a date, it was "work stuff."

Johnny: Uh-huh…

Mavis: I'm telling you, Johnny, there is something about that woman I don't trust.

Johnny: But you want your dad to be happy, right?

Mavis: Yes. Just not with her.

Johnny: Ohh! Heads up, honey! This guac is loaded with garlic.

Mavis: Garlic?

[She eats a chip with guacamole covered with garlic and farted.]

Johnny: Aww! That was a cute toot, honey! (Mavis looks embarrassed)

[Later, the boat departs from the island. Wayne and Wanda were running around the S.S. Legacy, free from their wolf pups.]

Wanda: We've been up all night!

Wayna: Let's stay up all day too!

Wanda: Let's get wild.

[They howl and run by Ericka, who was conflicted about her feelings towards Dracula.]

Van Helsing: (his head pops out) Ericka!

Ericka: Ahh! Huh! What?

Van Helsing: Just where have you been, young lady?

Ericka: Uh.. doing the work?

Van Helsing: Wearing that? You were with him. I know it!

Ericka: Who?

Van Helsing: Who? You know who! You've been sneaking around my back, trying to kill Dracula again, haven't you?

Ericka: So, what if I have? I am a grown woman! I have the right to kill whoever I want.

Van Helsing: It's not just about you. You could've ruined the legacy. What if he discovered who you were?

Ericka: I know, I know, I wasn't thinking. There's just... There's just something about him, That just drives me crazy! I just... I see him and I want to...

Van Helsing: Punch him?

Ericka: Uh, I guess. I can't wait to get this over with.

Van Helsing: Don't worry. It won't be long now. Once you recover the instrument of destruction, no one can stop us. Not even Dracula!

[However, the wolves heard their secret conversation.]

Wayne: Excuse me!

Van Helsing: (spots the werewolves) Spies!

[He blows some darts at them, tranquilizing them from making another move.]

Van Helsing: Now, quickly, before someone comes!

[Ericka shoves the wolves down the chute and the two throw them into the closet. Later, the Legacy was moving through a thick blanket of fog.]

Stan: (on microphone) Everyone, assemble on the forward deck. We are arriving at our final destination. From the depths of creation, the mighty city has risen once again. Home to the greatest monster civilization the world has ever known. Far surpassing Athens and Rome in arts, culture, and sophistication. I give you the legendary lost city of... Atlantis.

[Everyone got on deck to see that they were approaching the city of Atlantis. However, several tentacles surround the ship as a giant monster appears before them.]

Female Monster: (screams) It’s a giant Kraken!

[Suddenly, the Kraken starts singing.]

The Kraken: (sings) There's a place, you gotta be. 1,000 leagues beneath the sea, and it's waitin' over here for you and me. Gonna take you for a ride, but first you gotta come inside.. Get ready for the party's on tonight!

King Neptune Statue: Welcome to Atlantis.

Kraken: (sings) So, relax and just unwind. Leave your worries all behind and get ready for the party is on tonight! So get ready, it's party time…! (winks)

Yoshino: Wow. I never realized how amazing Atlantis can be up close.

Garfield: And I never realized they had casinos before Las Vegas ever opened one.

Alvin: So far, this vacation is great! We got to see fireworks, an underwater volcano, and a singing Kraken. How can this day get any better?

Frankenstein: Ooh, I am so excited.

[The monster looks at the fun games to play, such as craps and roulette. He looks around until he sees his wife’s angry face.]

Eunice: Oh, no, you don't. Last time you gambled, you lost an arm and a leg. Literally! Replacements aren't just flying around like they were in the old days. So, no gambling!

[However, Frank’s eyes were glued to another game: Poker.]

Eunice: Frank!

Frankenstein: (rapidly) Yes, dear, got it. No gambling!

[Meanwhile, Tinkles was busy trying to catch a fish that’s swimming below the glass floor.]

Dennis: Tinkles, stop, wait!

Winnie: Stop it, Tinkles!

[The kids chase after the dog as it crashes through some slot machines. Meanwhile, Dracula goes to ask his friends.]

Dracula: Have you guys seen Mavis? I have to find her.

Griffin: Why? What's going on?

Dracula: I'm going to tell her about Ericka! I can't lie to my own daughter anymore. She is the most important person in the world to me. I have to tell her the truth. (spots Ericka walking around) Right after I talk to Ericka. (follows Ericka)

[Frank was looking at his cards when one of the Hydra’s heads was peeking.]

Frankenstein: (to the hydra head) Hey! (the head leaves) All right, I'm all...

Murray: Frank? Are you sure you know what you're doing?

Frankenstein: I got this. I'm all in.

[We then see Mavis talking to Johnny, who's staring at fish.]

Mavis: Johnny, have you seen my dad?

Johnny: Maybe he's with Bob.

Mavis: Why would he be with Bob?

Johnny: Bob's a great guy.

Mavis: (spots Dracula following Ericka) Oh, there he is.

Johnny: Who, Bob?

[As Mavis follows Dracula, Johnny sees the disguised Tinkles swimming after the fish.]

Johnny: There he is. (runs by the swimming Tinkles) Hi, Bob! (smacks into a pillar)

[Ericka walks down the stony steps, unaware that Dracula was following her. He was also unaware that Mavis was following him. The captain walks over to a stone face on the wall and turns its two stone eyes, making it open a door for her to slip through. Dracula does the same process as well, though he nearly fell down. Mavis, in bat form, came to the stone face and tried to open it, but couldn’t. Bat Mavis decides to slip in through the stone face’s nostril, but not before making it look like it has various mustaches. Ericka carefully climbs down a rocky wall, while Dracula slithers behind. Meanwhile, a rat hisses at Bat Mavis, only to be greeted with a punch from her. Ericka manages to find a lake in the ancient ruins as Dracula was close behind. He shields his eyes as she strips down. Luckily, she was wearing a wetsuit for the occasion, and she dived into the water. She swims underwater and resurfaces in an ancient temple.]

Ericka: There it is!

[In her sight was an old artifact held by the finger and thumb of a stone hand. As she walks towards it, she steps on a tile, which sinks into the ground. An axe is thrown towards her, but then, Dracula grabs it before it could strike.]

Ericka: You saved my life.

Dracula: Of course. Why wouldn't I?

Ericka: I just... I can't believe you would do that for a human.

Dracula: Humans? Monsters? What's the difference?

Ericka: Yeah, right... right. Wait, what, uh... what are you doing here?

Dracula: Oh, I, well, you know, Vampires can predict the future, so... I know you would need my help.

Ericka: Huh? Never heard that before.

Dracula: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. It's a well known fact. Well, eh... What are you doing here?

Ericka: Oh, yeah, uh... I'm here to get that. Yeah, it's a family heirloom. Yeah, it was lost at... at sea, and um, my great-grandfather was... Uh, totally obsessed with it. Gotta get it back. So, anyhoo... Thanks for saving my life. But um, I can take it from here.

[She then steps on another tile, activating another axe for Dracula to grab from hitting her.]

Ericka: Gotta be a little more careful. How many times can you save my life, right?

Dracula: I don't know. Every time?

Ericka: Really? Well, then...

[She prances onto another tile, which sets off fire around her, prompting Dracula to save her while being scorched. She hops onto another tile and he saves her from a big spear that was thrown at her. The two waltzed as spears were thrown, arrows were shot, and a spiked ball was dropped on Dracula. He didn’t care about the pain, though, as he was too busy in love with Ericka. They went up the stairs as snakes bit on Dracula’s arms until they finally reached the top.]

Ericka: Oh! That was incredible.

Dracula: (covered in arrows and snakes) Oh, uh, don't you want to get your family heirloom thingy?

Ericka: Oh, right.

[She climbs up the stone hand and grabs the artifact from its grip.]

Ericka: Got it.

[Suddenly, the place starts to crumble. Dracula grabs Ericka and dives into the water as rubble rained down. The two pop out of the statue’s nostril, and the human notices an axe lodged on Dracula’s head.]

Ericka: Oh, let me get that for you.

[Mavis was walking by when she saw Ericka grabbing the axe on Dracula’s head. She saw it as Ericka trying to kill Dracula.]

Mavis: Dad!

Dracula: Mavis?

Mavis: (to Ericka) What are you doing to my father?

[She levitates the human by using her magic.]

Dracula: Mavis, stop! Put her down.

Mavis: No! She's trying to hurt you. Why can't you see that?

Dracula: Because I... Because... Because I Zinged...

Mavis: (lets go of Ericka) What?

Dracula: I Zinged... With Ericka!

Mavis: No, that can't be true. You only zing once.

Dracula: That's what I thought too.

Ericka: Zing? What's a Zing?

Dracula: Oh, well, it's a thing... For monsters. It's kind of like our love at first sight.

Ericka: What? No. No, no, no. You don't even know me.

Dracula: Well, not yet, but we'll just...

Ericka: No, no, you don't understand... I can't be with you, I could... never be with someone like you. I could never be with... a monster.

[The captain leaves with the ancient artifact and a heavy heart.]

Mavis: Dad, I'm so sorry. I...

Dracula: (crestfallen) It doesn't matter. You heard what she said.

Mavis: But a zing never lies.

[Later, Ericka returns to her lair with a guilty look on her face.]

Van Helsing: Ah, you got it!

[His granddaughter hands him the artifact.]

Van Helsing: Now that we have the instrument of destruction. Our family legacy will be fulfilled. But first, we'll draw them in with a dance party. I love to dance.

[He turns on the phonogram and starts dancing, but Ericka wasn’t in the mood right now. She was having feelings for the prince of darkness. Meanwhile...]

Eunice: Frank, could you zip that up? We're gonna be late.

[She noticed that her husband’s hands are now lobster claws.]

Eunice: (gasps) Where did you get those?

Frankenstein: Uh, see I guess I... Eh... I lost my hands... Gambling, but... No big deal. Look, I've got these from the seafood buffet. Look at this. (clicks his claws) Clap, clap, click, click. I-I kinda like 'em. I like 'em.

[Everyone else was getting ready for the big party. A brain scrubs itself in the shower, while a witch uses her wand to make her appear in neon colors. While the monsters walk out of the casino, Blobby Baby’s dog balloon suddenly pops, and he cries. Blobby proceeds to get out a chunk of his body to create a Puppy Blobby for his son. This brings great joy to the little blob. Anglerfish appear outside the glass to point the way to the party.]

Griffin: I guess the party's this way.

Murray: Let's get this party started right!

[They ran down the aquatic hallway until they came across a cliff.]

Eunice: Huh? I thought they said the party was this way.

[Just then, they see a huge coliseum rise out of the water, with the clamshell opening to reveal an Atlantean DJ working on the turntable.]

Johnny: DJ in a clam shell? I'm so jealous.

[A bridge rises out of the water, allowing everyone to come to the arena to dance at the rave party. They jammed out to the sweet autotune as Blobby bounced back and forth in ball form and Griffin and Crystal crowd surfed. Mavis, however, noticed that her father was dancing alone in sadness.]

Mavis: I can't believe my dad zinged with someone who's trying to kill him.

Johnny: Yep, zing makes you do crazy things.

Mavis: Really, John?

[Johnny starts talking wisdom while moving strangely.]

Johnny: What's most important to understand... is that love is an infinite enigma that is beyond our understanding. You and I were two halves. A world apart. But then, we followed the strand of destiny, and were brought together and now has made one whole.

Mavis: But what if she and he...

Johnny: You must release all the negativity, and look within. For bond is unbreakable.

Mavis: You're right, honey. Wow... thanks. (walks off)

Dennis: Whoa, you sounded pretty smart, dad.

Johnny: Oh, that? That was just the velocity of secret zing from my favorite TV show when I was a kid, Kung-Fu Shaolin Monk Master. Anyways, let's get back to dancing. (resumes dancing)

Dennis: Cool. (he and Winnie dance)

[She walks over to her father.]

Mavis: Dad? You have to talk to Ericka.

Dracula: What?

Mavis: I know. I know what I said before, but... maybe I overreacted a teensy bit. It's just the thought of losing you.

Dracula: What? What are you talking about? Losing me?

Mavis: Well, obviously after you get married, you're gonna live on the ship, and travel around the world.

Dracula: Whoa, whoa, whoa... Slow down, Mavis. There are two things I can promise you. One: nothing can ever take me from you and all my family. Two: I will never live on a boat. (hugs Mavis) You're my cute little tarantula! How can I ever leave you?

Mavis: Dad, seriously? Go talk to her.

Dracula: I can't. You heard what she said. She could never be with someone like me.

Mavis: No, dad. (moving in a strange way) You're just a half and you have to follow your destiny to find an infinite whole.

Dracula: You sound like Johnny.

Mavis: Point is, you can't deny a zing. Monster? Human? Unicorn? It doesn't matter. So, go to her. Now!

Dracula: Okay. I'm on it.

[Suddenly, the lights were turned off.]

Atlantean DJ: (talking to someone) Hey man, you're not allowed up here. The DJ booth is a sacred space. (gets pushed off the platform)

[The screen turns on, revealing the hideous face of the old Van Helsing! Tinkles barked at the monster hunter’s face.]

Dennis: No, no, no, Tinkles! Quiet, quiet!

Dracula: Who is this?

Van Helsing: (on the screen) Heh! I know you recognize me. Your greatest rival.

Dracula: Hmm? Oh, right! You own that Holiday Inn down by the airport.

Van Helsing: (on screen) No! It is I! Abraham Van Helsing.

Dracula: Van Helsing? After all these years. You look... awful.

Van Helsing: (on top of the DJ clam) Oh, always with the quick insults. (holds up the artifact) Well, this will serve you out! And all monsters!

Dracula: Eh... Huh? That's just Ericka's family heirloom thingy.

Van Helsing: (chuckles; to a guilty Ericka) Good one, Ericka.

Dracula: Ericka?

Van Helsing: You fool, not only is she the ship’s captain, but she also happens to be... (to Ericka) Wait, you tell him.

Ericka: (guilty) I'm his great-granddaughter. I'm Ericka Van Helsing.

Mavis: I knew there was something wrong with her.

Ericka: But... I... ...see what happened... I...

Van Helsing: Well, now that we're all caught up, let's get back to the dying. Behold, the key to the demise of all monsters.

[He turns the artifact open, followed by the crowd gasping, gets out a small scroll, followed by the crowd gasping again, and sets it on an electric keyboard.]

Van Helsing: Uh... let's see, right and then...

[He plays a haunting tune on the electric keyboard in a tone of Tiësto.]

Van Helsing: Listen to the melody of your destruction. (sees the volume dial) Ooh, what’s this little doodad do? (dials it)

[Underwater, the Kraken was sleeping when he heard the hypnotic tune. His eyes bulge up and down until they turn red. The monster then rises out of the water, now looking very mean.]

Female Monster: Hey look, it’s the Krak… (noticed that it now looks scary) ken.

[The sea monster roars and proceeds to swing its tentacles around.]

Dracula: Everybody out, now!

[The monsters try to make a break for it, but the Kraken destroys the bridge, preventing their escape.]

Frankenstein: We’re trapped! Everybody get back!

[The monsters run back as the Kraken starts to destroy the entire place.]

Dracula: This has to stop now!

[He flies off towards the Kraken.]

Johnny: Drac, no!

[Unfortunately, the giant squid grabs him and thrashes him around. The vampire was easily overpowered in its tentacles.]

Mavis: Dad!

[She tries to help him, only to be crushed by the sea monster’s tentacles.]

Dracula: Mavis!

Van Helsing: Time for the immortal Dracula to die.

[He continues playing on the keyboard as the Kraken beats up Dracula.]

Mavis: Dad!

[Finally, Ericka decides to take action.]

Ericka: No! (jumps off the platform)

Van Helsing: Ericka?!

[She runs up one of the Kraken’s tentacles.]

Dennis: Bob! Help!

[Tinkles runs off to help Ericka, removing his disguise in the process.]

Mavis: Tinkles?! Dennis?

Dennis: Oh, no. Bob is Tinkles? How did he get here? But thank goodness he did. 'Cause look!

[Tinkles lets Ericka ride on top of him, so he can launch her up. She then kicks the Kraken in the eye, making it drop Dracula. She runs down the tentacle and jumps to save Dracula. The two tumble down and the captain holds on to the ledge.]

Ericka: You can't do this, you're wrong about monsters! Dracula, he saved my life.

Van Helsing: What?!

Ericka: I'm so sorry, Drac. I was trying to kill you this whole time. But then I realize how wrong I was. How wrong all of this is. And then I... I zinged.

Van Helsing: Zinged? What's a zing?

Ericka: It's a monster thing. You wouldn't understand.

Dracula: It's like true love.

Van Helsing: Love?!?!

[The Kraken swings its tentacles by the ledge, making the two lovers fall down.]

Van Helsing: Well, I guess the legacy ends with me. That's an awkward ending.

[However, Dracula was holding Ericka up as he rose from the chasm.]

Ericka: Nope! It's time to start a new legacy!

Dracula: A monster/human legacy.

Van Helsing: NOOOO!!!!

[He slams on the keyboard and the Kraken hits them against the ground.]

Johnny: Drac! Van Helsing's beats are controlling the giant octopus thingy! If there's one thing I hate, it's an evil DJ. (picks up Dracula) We need… positive energy!

[He gets his DJ turntable out of his backpack.]

Johnny: Get ready for a DJ battle! (puts his DJ hat on)

Dracula: You just carry all that stuff around with you?

Johnny: Once a bar mitzvah DJ, always a bar mitzvah DJ. We're gonna use good music to defeat his evil music.

Dracula: What?

Johnny: Trust me, I know the tunes, but you've got the power. Alright. Okay. Opening song is me off the she-zack! (spots a song on his laptop) Ooh, got it! Play this.

[Dracula pressed the button, prompting the laptop to play “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The feel-good music causes the Kraken to calm down and move to the beat.]

Van Helsing: What is that noise?

Dracula: Whoa, I like this one. This feels good.

Van Helsing: (chuckles evilly) You fool!

[He taps on the keyboard to revert the Kraken to its evil form, making it break apart some floors. The wolf pups were thrown in the air, where most of them are saved by Mavis. Ericka manages to rescue Sunny, as well.]

Johnny: Whoa! His music’s too powerful! We're gonna need something even more positive! (finds another song) Now, Drac!

[He pressed the button again, this time playing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin. The monster turns happy once again, though Dracula isn’t keen on this song.]

Dracula: Really?

Johnny: It has a nice message.

Van Helsing: I’ve had enough of this nonsense!

[He resumes his evil dubstep music-playing and the Kraken breaks apart the ground around the two. The monster lifts them up, ready to eat them whole.]

Dracula: Johnny, we need the most brain dominating, toe-tappeninating song in the history of all the universe!

Johnny: (scrolls through his playlist) Come on, come on, come on... Where is it, where is it...

[They were getting closer to the monster’s mouth.]

Johnny: I don’t know! There's too many choices! (spots a particular song) No, wait! This... is... it!

[Dracula pressed the button, and the monster eats them up. However, music starts playing inside the creature.]

Van Helsing: What the..?

[The monster opens its mouth to reveal Johnny doing the Macarena. Everyone is stunned by this odd dance move.]

Vlad: Boy, that stinks.

[The Kraken, now good once again, sets the platform down in the arena.]

Johnny: It’s working!

[The monster then performs the Macarena.]

Vlad: Hey! Johnny’s corny music is defeating the evil music! I kinda like it.

[Vlad starts to dance with the witches followed by every monster to do the Macarena.]

Vlad: Hey, Macarena!

[Van Helsing tries to gain control of the Kraven but even the music sheet starts dancing as it tears itself into pieces.]

Van Helsing: No!

[Soon, while all the monsters were dancing, yes, even Tinkles, Van Helsing’s monster hunter body machine couldn’t resist the groove.]

Van Helsing: I’m a slave to the RHYTHM! (he falls off the clam and falls down through the cracks the Kraken made) HEY, MACARENAAAA!!

Ericka: No!

[Drac swoops down and flies off to save him in his bat form.]

Frankenstein: Drac, what are you doing?!

Murray: Gotta be greater than Hades.

[As Van Helsing was about to die, Drac saved him and carried him back up.]

Van Helsing: Why? Why after everything... ...would you save my life?

Dracula: Because basically, we are all the same. Claws or hands, two eyes or three eyes.

Witch: Green skin.

Skeleton: No skin.

Carl: Prickly.

Brain: Brainy.

Tinkles: (barks)

Van Helsing: I'm sorry.

[Tinkles slobbers him in forgiveness, though Van Helsing was grossed out.]

Ericka: (to Dracula) You are amazing.

[Their eyes zinged, for they’re now in love.]

Winnie: (walks up to Dennis) Look at me, Dennis. Look at me. Come on, you can't deny it.

Dennis: No, I'm too young to zing.

[He runs off with a lovestruck Winnie following him.]

Van Helsing: I feel kind of silly now. For decades, I have hunted your kind... ...or executed you. (the monsters grumble) The only thing I can do to make it up to you is... Give you... eh... A 30% refund.

[The monsters groan and complain at such a cheap refund.]

Van Helsing: Oh, alright. Full refund.

[The monsters cheered. Soon, everyone was happy to be back at Hotel Transylvania. Wayne and Wanda showed up, now with their wolf pups.]

Griffin: (noticed Wayne and Wanda) Wayne, Wanda. What happened to you guys?

Crystal: Yeah. We, like, hardly saw you on the cruise.

Wayne: Yeah, I know. We got tranquilized and spent most of the trip locked in a closet.

Wanda: We're gonna book it again for the holidays.

[Griffin and Crystal look at the audience in disbelief. Stan walks up to the counter, ready to check in.]

Mavis: Hi! Checking in?

Stan: Yes. Thank you.

Mavis: Great, I have a room all ready for you.

Murray: (holds up a bottle of pop) Hey, buddy, would you mind...

Frankenstein: Sure, thing pal. (grabs the bottle cap off with his claw)

[Meanwhile, Dracula and Ericka sneak up to the top of the hotel roof.]

Ericka: Okay. Okay, what's going on, Sneaky-pants?

Dracula: Oh, nothing. It's just, I wanted to make sure nobody would bother us.

Ericka: Oh, why? Are you going to suck up my blood, Blah, blah, blah?

Dracula: No. I was going to ask you if... you would marry me?

[He opens a box that contains a black widow as a wedding ring.]

Dracula: Well, what do you say? Will you marry me?

Ericka: I... I... (babbles lovingly)

Dracula: Huh?

Ericka: I mean... I would... (babbles lovingly)

Everyone: What's she saying?

Dracula: Uh... I'm not sure.

Ericka: Yes!

[The spider happily leaps onto her ring finger and wrapped around it, making it a ring. Everyone cheered as the two hugged. This was the beginning of a monster/human legacy. The iris closes on them about to kiss until they run from Tinkles who wants to kiss them as well. The iris closes to black.]

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation/Transcript (2024)
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