The list of highest-earning MLB WAGs has been revealed (2024)

Thetop 10 baseball WAGs with the highest earning potential have been revealed as part of a recent study.

Although Olivia Dunne boasts 5.2m followers on Instagram, Paul Skenes' gymnast girlfriend was only number two on the list, which also features actress Kate Upton and model Chase Carter.

The WAG who topped the list is a Hollywood actress, who became a household name following her role in an iconic Disney franchise, and married an Angels player in 2023.

Data for the study was generated by Doc's Sports based on potential income across TikTok and Instagram.

Here, Mail Sport takes a look at the glamorous MLB partners with the highest earning potential.

Model Kate Upton and gymnast Olivia Dunne both made appearances in the top 10

Dunne's beau, Paul Skenes, was called up by the Pirates for his MLB debut in May 2024

10. Kayla Harper

Bryce Harper's wife, Kayla, snuck into the top 10 with an earning potential of$623 per Instagram post.

ThePhillies star shares three children with his high school sweetheart, whom he wed in 2016.

Her social media page, which is followed by more than 150,000 people, features happy snaps of the couple, pictures of their young kids and plenty of game-day photos taken at Philadelphia'sCitizens Bank Park.

'He's selfless, the most selfless guy ever … I think that's what always attracted me to him,' Kayla told the Knot in March 2024.

'He's just the best. I love him,' she added.

Kayla Harper tied the knot with the Phillies star in 2016 after meeting in high school

9. Jessica Bryant

Jessica Bryant, who is married to Rockies first baseman Kris Bryant, boasts more than 121,000 Instagram followers.

She has an earning potential of $633 per post, meaning her audience is highly engaged in her content.

Jessica's pagepredominantly features wholesome snaps of the couple, who started dating when they were 14.

The Las Vegas natives tied the knot in 2017 and are parents to three sons, including twins.

Jessica Bryant and Rockies first baseman. Kris Bryant, have three kids together

8. Chelsea Freeman

Chelsea Freeman wed Dodgers starFreddie Freeman in 2014, and she's been steadily increasing her social media following over the past decades.

She engages more than 252,000 followers across Instagram and TikTok combined, allowing her to earn up to $749 per post.

The couple, who started dating in 2011, are parents to three sons, one of whom they welcomed via surrogacy.

'We're normal people, you know,' Freddie told ESPN in February 2021 while discussing the pair's fertility struggles. 'I know you guys see me on TV a lot, playing baseball, but we go through the same things. We tried so hard.'

Chelsea Freeman tied the knot with Dodgers player Freddie Freeman in 2014

The couple, who started dating in 2011, are proud parents to three young children

7. Daniella Rodriguez

Former beauty queenDaniellaRodriguez wedMinnesota Twins shortstop Carlos Correain January 2020.

The athlete proposed to her mid-interview on live television in November 2017, after the Astros beat the Dodgers to win their first World Series in franchise history.

Through the years, Daniella has built an audience of 216,000 Instagram followers and 76,000 TikTok followers, allowing her to earn up to$834 per post.

The former Miss Texas 2016 reportedly met Correa, who was the first overall pick of the 2012 MLB draft,when she threw out the first pitch during an Astros game. The couple now share two children.

Former pageant queen Daniella Rodriguez is married to Twins shortstop Carlos Correa

The athlete proposed to her mid-interview on live TV after the Astros won the World Series

6. Chase Carter

Model Chase Carter boasts more than385,000 Instagram followers, enabling her to earn around $875 per post.

The former Victoria’s Secret Pink model got engaged to Chicago Cubs player Cody Bellinger in 2023.

The pair started dating in July 2020, and have since welcomed two daughters, whom she regularly shares sweet snaps with on her social media page.

'We kind of see life the same, so I think that's where it's really going to work out,' the center fielder told People in 2021. 'I think being a good dad trumps all. Everyone says being a dad is the most important thing,' he added.

Model Chase Carter got engaged to Chicago Cubs player Cody Bellinger in 2023

The blond beauty, who previously modelled for Victoria's Secret, is a to two kids

5. Mallory Pugh

Professional soccer player, Mallory Pugh, wed Cubs shortstop Dansby Swanson in 2022.

The Red Stars forward has more than 633,000 Instagram followers, allowing her to yield around$1,043 per social media post.

The athletic couple first met through Pugh's brother-in-law, who played with Swanson on the Braves in 2017.

Since tying the knot, the brunette beauty has continued sharing sweet snaps with her husband, along with pics of herself on the pitch, and spending time with friends.

Mallory Pughwed Chicago Cubs shortstop Dansby Swanson in December 2022

The professional soccer player started dating the baseball star in 2017

4. Haley Mitchell

Former softball player, Haley Mitchell, has established a TikTok following of more than 832,000 people.

The wife of Milwaukee Brewers player GarrettMitchell also boasts nearly 200,000Instagram followers, allowing her to earn up to$1,334 per post.

The star center fielder and the former college athlete started dating in early 2020, and quickly said 'I do' the following year.

Haley has continued sharing snaps of the duo's 'MLB life' as they travel the country and spend time with their two dogs.

'Words cannot express how proud I am to be your wife,' she captioned a tribute post to her husband in September 2023.'Each day I am blown away by your sheer determination and grit. You make me better. I love you beyond measure.'

'Words cannot express how proud I am to be your wife,'Haley Mitchell said of husbandGarrett

She and the Milwaukee Brewers player tied the knot in 2021, less than two years after they met

3. Kate Upton

Actress and model Kate Upton has been in the public eye since she burst onto the scene in the early 2010s.

She added 'WAG' to her resume when she wed JustinVerlander in 2017, just a few days after he won the World Series with the Astros.

Although she earns plenty of cash from her other endeavors, Upton's Instagram following of 6.6mcould net her up to$9,381 per post.

She and the pitcher met in 2012, and he got down on one knee in 2016. They now share one daughter.

Kate Uptonwed Justin Verlander in 2017, just a few days after he won the World Series

The actress and the pitcher met in 2012. They now share one daughter together

2. Olivia Dunne

Olivia Dunne entered her 'WAG era' when Paul Skenes was called up by the Pittsburgh Pirates to make his MLB debut in May 2024.

The Louisiana State University gymnast, who started dating the pitcher in 2023, was on hand to support him during his first game.

'I had some nerves creep in at first, but I've kind of channeled it into excitement rather than nerves, and I just have the most confidence in him ever,' she told Sportsnet Pittsburgh at the time.

The blond beauty, who skyrocketed to fame over the past year, met the No. 1 overall prospect while they were in college.

She now boasts more than 5.2m Instagram followers and 8m TikTok followers, allowing her to earn around $16,199 per post.

Olivia Dunne has skyrocketed to fame amid her successful gymnastics career

The Louisiana State University gymnast started dating Skenes in 2023 after meeting at college

1. Vanessa Hudgens

A-list actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens surprised fans when she began dating baseball player, Cole Tucker, in 2020.

The former High School Musical star, who was in years-long relationships with Zac Efron and Austin Butler, got engaged to theLos Angeles Angels shortstop in 2023.

'He's just kind of perfect for me. I am [happy]. I really am,' Hudgens told Entertainment Tonight in 2021.

The pair said 'I do' in December 2023, and are expecting their first child in 2024.

Though she earns a pretty penny from her other endeavors, Hudgens could also rake in$58,511 per social media post, thanks to her 51.3m Instagram followers and 4.5m TikTok followers, bringing her to the top of this list.

Actress Vanessa Hudgens started dating baseball player, Cole Tucker, in 2020

The pair said 'I do' in December 2023, and are expecting their first child in 2024

'He's just kind of perfect for me. I am [happy]. I really am,' Hudgens said in 2021

The list of highest-earning MLB WAGs has been revealed (2024)
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