SoarinDash : Get a Merried (2024)

by RainbowLary6

Chapter 1: Get a Merried

After a great adventure with the unexpected pregnancy, Rainbow Dash and Soarin are now ready to take a new step in their relationship. They were now engaged, and about to get married.

Two months passed after Soarin asked for Rainbow Dash's hand in marriage, and they were both very excited about it. Especially because soon they would be officially together for a lifetime. And in fact they were already united by one thing.

The two daughters they had together.

Ragtag and Shooting Star were them two twin daughters. They were born a year ago, and to Rainbow Dash and Soarin, it seemed like yesterday when they were bringing them both from the hospital.

"Good morning Dashie!" Windy Whistles said as she approached her daughter in bed. Rainbow Dash slowly opened her eyes, and let out a huge yawn.

"Good morning mom"

"Are you excited for today? Today is your wedding day dear!"

"Oh yes, for a minute I had almost forgotten about that"

Windy then pulled her daughter into a hug

"Oh honey, I can't believe this is all really happening. First you had two beautiful babies, graduated from school, got a great job and now you're about to marry the man of your life. I'm so proud of you Dashie "

"Thanks mom" Dash said as he hugged his mom back

"Well the wedding is late afternoon so you have a lot of time to prepare"

"Yeah, I'd better go to Carroussel Boutique to see how Rarity is doing with my dress."

Suddenly a cry was heard from another room.

"But first I better take a look at the twins..."


At Boutique Carroussel ...

Rainbow Dash was trying on her wedding dress that Rarity had prepared.

"Very well Rainbow Dash, coming out from behind the curtain for me to see how the dress looked on you" Rarity said

Rainbow Dash then stepped out from behind the dressing room, leaving Rarity amazed at the beauty of the dress.

"Oh Rainbow Darling! You're just beautiful in this dress, I'm sure Soarin will love it," Rarity said, and Rainbow Dash blushed a little.

"Thank you Rarity"

"Talking about the boy? Where is he? I need him to come here asap, he needs to try on his tuxedo!" Rarity said

"He's just finishing some things about our marriage, so he shows up here."

"I hope so"


"So Soarin now I'm sure everything is ready for the wedding!" Said Twilight, she was one of Rainbow Dash's bridesmaids, along with Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy and Sunset Shimmer. Soarin's groomsmen were Flash Sentry, Cheese Sandwitch, Discord, Fancy Pants, Caramel, and Timber Spruce.

Manes 6 were also helping with the wedding, Twilight was organizing the whole thing, Rarity was in charge of the clothes, Fluttershy of the music, Pinkie Pie of the party, Applejack of the food and Sunset Shimmer would hold a series of fireworks at the time of the vows. between the bride and groom.

"Ok thanks Twilight, thanks girls. I think without you I wouldn't have been able to solve it all by myself" Soarin said

"No problem Soarin" said Sunset Shimmer

"Yes we love helping others! Mostly friends!" Said Pinkie Pie

"Soarin didn't you have to be at Boutique Carroussel now to try on your tuxedo?" Applejack said

"Yes, I had forgotten that" Soarin said

"Well you better hurry then," Fluttershy said, and Soarin nodded.

"Well I better go girls, see you later!" He said as he ran to the Carroussel Boutique


At Boutique Carroussel ...

"Okay Rainbow Dash I think you look perfect in your dress," Rarity said as she admired her creation.

"Thanks again Rarity" Dash said

Suddenly the door opened revealing Soarin.

Rainbow Dash quickly ran and hid behind a sofa. She was lucky Soarin didn't see her dress.

"AAAAAA Soarin! What are you doing here ?! You know very well that the groom can't see the bride's dress until the wedding!" Dash said behind the couch

"I'm sorry I didn't see anything, I was just stopping by to try on my tuxedo..." Soarin said

"Don't worry about it Soarin, in 10 minutes you can come back here after Dash finish trying on her dress" Rarity said

Soarin nodded and then walked out the door, closing it.

Rainbow Dash emerged from behind the couch with a look of relief on her face.

"That was a close Rainbow Dash" Rarity said


After a few hours, it was finally time for the wedding. Soarin was in the church waiting for Dash, along with the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and wedding guests.

Rainbow Dash was at the Carroussel Boutique just getting ready while Rarity helped her.

"I'm so nervous Rarity ..."

"Don't worry Darling, this is normal. I'm sure after you're married, you and Soarin will be very happy together." Dash smiled

"Mama ..." Ragtag and Shooting Star said at the same time while standing next to their mother.

Dash smiled once more, and stroked her daughters hair.

"Yes, but we are already very happy because we have the most amazing daughters in the world" Dash said

"Is this my daughter?" Bow Hothoof said as he walked into the store and walked over to his daughter.

"You're just beautiful Dashie. As beautiful as your mother on our wedding day."

"Thank you Daddy"


At church...

Fluttershy's music began to play as church doors opened, revealing Rainbow Dash in her wedding dress. The crowd was amazed at the bride's beauty. Soarin was the one he most admired.

Dash then began to walk down the hallway accompanied by his father. As soon as she reached the end of the corridor, Bow Hothoof took Dash's hand and led her into Soarin's.

"No matter what happens Dash, you'll always be my little girl"

"Thanks Dad"

Soon after that the priest began to speak.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are here today to celebrate the reunion of Rainbow Dash and Soarin Skies. Your love is unbreakable, and now they are here to make you definitely official, even though it seems official." The priest said looking at Ragtag and Shooting Star that were in the arms of their grandparents.

"Now without further ado, Soarin Skies will you take this Rainbow Dash woman to be your legally married wife, in health, sickness, sadness, joy, wealth or poverty, until death do you part?"

"I carry"

"And you Rainbow Dash, do you take this Soarin Skies man to be your legally married husband, in health, sickness, sadness, joy, wealth or poverty, until death do you part?"

"I carry"

"Now you can invest in me, I now declare you husband and wife. You can kiss the bride."

Soarin immediately pulled his new wife in for a sweet, passionate kiss as the guests stood up to the newly married couple.

Sunset Shimmer then set off the fireworks as the couple continued their kiss.

At the wedding reception ...

Everyone was enjoying the after-wedding party that Pinkie Pie had organized.

Rainbow Dash and Soarin were sitting at a table with their daughters. Soarin was holding Ragtag and Dash was holding Shooting Star

"Well now we're here, married," Dash said looking at her new husband.

"Yes, we don't need anything else to be happy except each other and our daughters," Soarin said as he and Dash looked affectionately at their beloved daughters.


SoarinDash : Get a Merried (2024)
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