Olivia Dunne, Jordan Chiles and More USA Athletes Celebrate Mother’s Day With Heartwarming Tributes and Tear-Jerking Pictures (2024)

There is an unsaid reality that is ingrained in every success story, medal and podium finish you see in the world. The moms are the unsung heroes who stay steady with their support behind the scenes, their love, and sacrifice serve as the bedrock upon which athletic dreams are built.

As another Mother’s Day dawns, athletes around the world take a moment to turn the spotlight back to where it truly belongs—the mothers who shaped their journeys and molded their destinies. From gymnastics sensations like Olivia Dunne, Jordan Chiles, Sunisa Lee, and Joe Miller to seasoned veterans like Usain Bolt, athletes united to honor the incredible women who have shaped their lives.

Through a heartwarming carousel of social media posts, they expressed profound gratitude for the unconditional love, guidance, and inspiration their moms provide each day. This is no less a trip through these touching tributes, celebrating some of the most amazing mothers who stand behind the world’s greatest athletes.


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Olivia Dunne

Internet sensation Olivia Dunne known by her nickname Livvy has often found her mother Katherine Patterson Dunne express her deep pride in her. Be it commenting “proud” on a video of Livvy’s bar routine on social media to snuggling her golden retriever fur baby ‘Roux’. Today, Livvy showed her appreciation in an adorable Instagram story of her mother’s hands tightly wrapped around Roux captioned, “Happy Mother’s day to the GOAT. ”

Sunisa Lee

Olympic gold medalist Sunisa Lee also posted a beautiful picture of herself and her mother Yeev Thoj at a football stadium on her Instagram account. She captioned it, “happy mothers day.” Thoj once revealed she experiences emotional struggle while Suni does her routines, much like fellow moms who are protective of their kids. She turned to the TV cheering on Sunisa during the Olympics and shared, “When she does her routine, I usually hold my breath. I really don’t like to watch it.” However, the proud mother cheered from afar watching her make history at the Tokyo Olympics.

Joe Miller

The Pan American Games double gold medalist Zoe Miller also shared a nostalgic picture with her mother on her Instagram story. It showed Zoe’s mother holding her on the beach when she was a child, catching a lovely moment in time. Miller captioned it,“happy mothers day mommy! thank you for the unconditional love, support, and sacrifices. you’re the best! I love you so much!”

As the countdown for the 2024 Paris Olympics ticks away with just 74 days left, Team USA athletes are gearing up to put up a dominant show once again. Taking a break from their intense training and anticipation, athletes from every corner of the sports world paused to celebrate the timeless bond—Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day anecdotes from the former Olympian tribe

An Instagram post shared by On Her Turf showed a bunch of American athletes headed to the 2024 Paris Olympics popping up with bright smiles as they recorded their video message for Mother’s Day. First up, was para-cyclist Oksana Masters, who was extremely excited to share her special message: “Hey mom, happy Mother’s day.”

Next, we caught, men’s gymnastics sensation Asher Hong flaunted his big wide smile and said, “Thanks for all the sacrifices, you’ve made for me to get here.”

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Olivia Dunne, Jordan Chiles and More USA Athletes Celebrate Mother’s Day With Heartwarming Tributes and Tear-Jerking Pictures (6)

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Big boy sure left many teary-eyed when Olympic silver medalist, Jordan Chiles shared her emotional message: “I wouldn’t be here where I am right now if it wasn’t for your support, your love, your powerfulness!”

On her Turf also took to X to share the inspiring story of the American national ice hockey team captain, accompanied with the caption, hockey mom is Olympian Kendall Coyne Schofield’s superpower.”

Being a hockey mom is Olympian Kendall Coyne Schofield’s superpower. 💜

(📸 @KendallCoyne) pic.twitter.com/pBr9uFVxrv

— On Her Turf (@OnHerTurf) May 11, 2024

Four-time Olympic gold medalist Ryan Murphy also added his special note to his mother: “You have done so much for me over the course of my life. You’re a confidant. I lean on you for so many different things.”

While Simone Biles seemed to be late to the tribute, her husband and Chicago Bears player, Jonathan Owens also shared an Instagram story to share a celebratory picture of the two accompanied with the caption, “Happy Mothers day.” Even, Biles Olympics coach also shared her dedicated post.

Cecile Canqueteau-Landi

French gymnastics coach Cecile Canqueteau-Landi who recently quit the World Champions Centre in Spring in Texas to co-head coach the University of Georgia women’s gymnastics team also re-shared a sweet Mother’s Day collage on her Instagram story from her daughter Juliette Landi. Last but not least, the track and field legend also penned a poem for his special person.


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Usain Bolt

Not many people know Usain Bolt—the fastest man on the planet, popular by his nickname Lightening Bolt was backed by his mother Jennifer Bolt who stood like a rock and cried tears of joy at Usain’s meteoric rise to fame. From his humble beginnings in Sherwood Content, a small town in Jamaica, with no street lights and limited water.

On the special day, Bolt took to X to share a transition video featuring his family and mother. He accompanied it with the sweetest poem in the caption-


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“From Conception you a my Protection,
Mama your Love always there for me,
Wouldn’t replace you cause you a best one,
Unconditional you care for me,
When times are Tough,
You Never Give Up
Go through Struggles &
Never Complained,
Oh Mama,
You never make no stress get to your… pic.twitter.com/iQMnLJsnOU

— Usain St. Leo Bolt (@usainbolt) May 12, 2024

In a heartwarming display of gratitude, athletes from around the world embrace social media on Sunday to honor Mother’s Day expressing profound love and gratitude for the boundless inspiration and love bestowed upon us by our mothers, every day without fail.

Olivia Dunne, Jordan Chiles and More USA Athletes Celebrate Mother’s Day With Heartwarming Tributes and Tear-Jerking Pictures (2024)
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