Castle Drop Build Order Aoe2 (2024)

1. 26+2 Arena Castle Drop - Build Order Reference

  • 26+2 Arena Castle Drop ; +3 on boar, move 3 to farms, 4, 14 ; +2 on wood (6), 1 LC, 6, 14.

2. Frank Fast Forward Castle Drop | Community Build Guides

  • A quick build order to getting a very fast castle with a forward castle ready to be dropped on your opponents base.

3. Insanely Fast Ethiopian Castle Drop | Community Build Guides

4. [Reconsidered] Increase building time for castle drop

  • Sep 16, 2023 · 10 vils can build a castle in 100s (instead of 4 vils). It will give higher risk for castle drop by eco behind. I hope this change will be ...

  • Today, almost all game includes castle drop. Arena, BF is fine, but boring in nomad, annoying in arabia. I know the counters, few archers for denying, boom, harass, earlier imping for treb. However castle drop gives the dropper little behind unexpectedly, it forces the opponent to replace his farms, TC, and other buildings with many res. Castle drop is sometimes OP. So I suggest increasing castle building time, not changing base time 200s, but changing the culculation when building with many vi...

5. What is the skill of playing Arena? - II - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum

  • Apr 6, 2022 · Arena for me is only some form of low-pop Castle drop (and you better pick a civ that can do a very low one, like Franks, Khmer etc. by the ...

  • Small rant time, but what is the skill in playing Arena? I normally have the mode banned, but now and again I unban it and go vs people who are really bad at the game but know some fancy BO like 23 pop Castle Drop Khmer or Fast Imp Turks. Sometimes, I even lose to them, as I’m only partially aware of the Arena meta (for example, I didn’t know until recently that 23 pop Castle drop as Khmer was possible. Overall, I feel people who play arena are very often horrible players, playing a subset of th...

6. Counter to castle push on arena? - AOE-II - AoEZone

  • Nov 14, 2011 · If you know he is going to castle push, you can go castle age using barracks --> archery + blacksmith to advance and then make about 5 archers, ...

  • Hi im a noob. 16 ++ I see pros using always aztk I know, because their monks and relik bonus. But I always loose to a friend when he does a very good castle push with spanish geting castle age 15 50 and quickly building castle with 9 vills I think. Then he send those vills to mine or wood near...

7. BO Esp/May : fast castle (28+2 pop) - AOE2 Build Orders par Miaou

  • May 8, 2024 · Voici le fast castle drop castle, que l'on abrège en fc+uu. Il s'agit d'arriver à l'âge féodal avec 28 pop (27 vils + 1 scout) entre 12:42 ...

  • Retrouvez les BO les plus utilisés sur Age of Empires 2 : The Conquerors.

8. Castle drop | Age of Empires Series Wiki - Fandom

  • Castle drop is a tactic that is popular with players on the Arena map in Age of Empires II, where booming is at its finest, and sling strategies are the ...

  • Castle drop is a tactic that is popular with players on the Arena map in Age of Empires II, where booming is at its finest, and sling strategies are the norm in team games. It involves focusing the player's Villagers at gathering enough stone for a Castle, then advancing to the Castle Age and using said Villagers to construct a Castle, either for offensive or defensive purposes. In general, this tactic can also be applied to other maps and Age of Empires games, but mainly in maps with many choke

9. build order - The International Age of Empires Community - AoEZone

  • Hi there, I summed up three basic build orders which are ment to visualize the distribution of villagers until you reach early castle age. Here, I included a ...

Castle Drop Build Order Aoe2 (2024)


What is the best build order for aoe2? ›

Age of Empires II
  • Have the initial 3 Villagers build 2 Houses, with two Villagers working on one House and the third on the other, while training the first Villager. ...
  • Once the second House is built, send that Villager to collect food from Sheep. ...
  • Send the next 4 Villagers to build a Lumber Camp and begin collecting wood.

What is the castle drop strategy? ›

On the Arena map, executing this tactic usually involves the player ordering Villagers to construct a Castle close to the enemy's base (preferably just outside the enemies' Walls), in order to put a dent to the enemy's economy by harassing enemy Villagers or to put a civilization's unique units into good use.

How many villagers for Fast Castle? ›

The build order offered in the scenario is as follows: Queue up four Villagers at the Town Center. Use two starting Villagers to build one House and the third Villager to build another House, and explore with the Scout.

What to build first Age of Empires 2? ›

Dark age - castle age build order for a beginner
  • Build two houses with the 3 starting villagers (2 build 1, 1 builds the other)
  • The first 6 villagers go on sheep.
  • 3 villagers to wood (lumber camp at a woodline)
  • Lure the 1st boar with the next villager.
  • Send four to berries (+ build a mill when affordable)
Feb 3, 2023

What is the best civilization for farming in Age of Empires 2? ›

The Mayans with a Chinese ally extract most food out of a farm (with the exception of the Sicilians), that is 550 * 1.1 * 1.15 food = 696 food after all Mill upgrades are researched, which makes it quite comparable to non-Malay Fish Traps.

How to deal with castle Drop aoe2 Reddit? ›

  1. When you see them building a castle, build a defensive tower quicker. ...
  2. If you're facing a civ that typically wants to castle drop, you can just have feudal army ready. ...
  3. You should be mining stone yourself, regardless of the strategy.
Apr 18, 2023

How to stop a castle drop? ›

Unless you're asleep at the wheel, a tower rush can be defended with just villagers in aoe2, and a castle drop is dealt with by using your army to prevent it finishing or counter-dropping a defensive castle with your superior villager numbers (it's your base after all) to prevent it finishing.

What is the best strategy for Hustle castle? ›

When upgrading it is important to upgrade the storage rooms first, especially food and gold. Food is the most important thing you will need the entire game, so the more you can store the more you will be able to collect when you are not playing. Placing dwellers in a room that is upgrading will reduce the upgrade time.

How fast is a fast castle in AoE2? ›

Using our build order, you will be able to pull off a fast castle time of 15 minutes with any civilization (regardless of economic bonuses) and immediately place two additional town-centers. This build also allows for a player to opt for an additional town-center to increase villager production.

What is booming in AoE2? ›

Booming is a common strategy in team games, especially on closed maps such as Black Forest or Arena. It means building a strong economy before a powerful military.

How many villagers are in Dark Age in AoE2? ›

About 19-21 Villagers is a good start for most civilizations, though some strategies can even stretch the Villager count to 16. Tasking the Villagers on the resources will depend entirely on the situation of the map, and the civilization used which will also drive the kind of strategy the player will perform.

What is the best civilization in Age of Empires 2? ›

With this in mind, we've outlined our favourite civilisations to play.
  • Franks. If you're looking for brute strength, you can't do much better than the Franks. ...
  • Aztecs. It's hard to find fault with the Aztecs. ...
  • Britons. ...
  • Mongols. ...
  • Byzantines. ...
  • Mayans. ...
  • Chinese. ...
  • Huns.
May 10, 2024

What is the fastest way to build in Age of Empires 2 cheat? ›

Press CTRL and Q to enable Fast construction and CTRL and P to build an immutable structure.

What is the best class in Age of Empires 2? ›

  • It should be noted that despite personal preferences, there's no one right way to play Age of Empires 2. ...
  • If you're looking for brute strength, you can't do much better than the Franks. ...
  • It's hard to find fault with the Aztecs. ...
  • If ranged supremacy is your thing, then Britons are the civilisation for you.
May 10, 2024

What is the best way to play Age of Empires 2? ›

  1. Find some inspiration.
  2. Play single-player campaigns.
  3. Keep the town centre busy.
  4. Customise your hotkeys.
  5. Get your Dark Age default down.
  6. Put your villagers to work.
  7. Think of it as chess, not city building.
  8. Start as you mean to go on: defensively.
May 21, 2024

Which map is best in Age of Empires 2? ›

But a map doesnt have to do everything, don't exist one best map, but rater prototype maps:
  • Black Forest: balanced black forest map.
  • Hideout: balanced closed feudal map.
  • Fortress: balanced regicide map.
  • Socotra: balanced open map.
  • Golden pit: balanced hills and control map map.
  • Megarandom: megarandom.
Mar 23, 2023

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