Angie Harmons Kids Grew Up Alongside Her after Divorce from Ex Husband (2024)

American actress and modelAngie Harmon, aged 50,is a mother of three kids—all daughters. Her kids areFinley Faith Sehorn, 19,Avery Grace Sehorn, 17, andEmery Hope Sehorn, 14.

She welcomed them from her marriage toformer NFL player Jason Sehorn.

However, she found herself as a single mother to those three little bundles of joy after she and her ex-husbandended their marriage.

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Harmon andSehornannounced their separation after 13 years of marriage and over 15 years together inNovember 2014.

Since then, the actress and her daughters have lived together and been a part of each other’s growth in life.

On her social media, such as Instagram, the Law & Orderactress is seen celebrating special moments with her daughters and updating fans about her sweet memories with her children.

Who is Angie Harmon's Oldest Daughter Finley?

Born on 14 October 2003 in Dallas, Texas,Finley Faith Sehorn graduated from the college prep school, Charlotte Christian School, in 2022.

The happy mother wrote on Instagram, "8 years… Don’t they go by in a blink. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to this bright star… YOU DID IT FINLEY!! We are all so immensely proud of you & all that you have done & who you have grown to be!! Love you more than anything & everything!!! #classof2022 #blessed #grateful #congratulations."

Fans have also creditedFinleyfor her looks similar to her famous mother.

"She looks so much like you jaw-droppingly gorgeously stunning. Congratulations," a fan commented.

When she is not busy in academics, Finley attends red carpets events with her mother.

What is Angie Harmon's second oldest Daughter Avery Doing Now?

The second oldest daughter of Angie and Jason, Avery Grace Sehorn was born in June 2005 in Dallas.

She currently studies at Charlotte Christian School in North Carolina, where she also plays both basketball and volleyball for the school's team.

Know about Angie Harom's Third Child Emery Hope Sehorn

The youngest daughter of Angie and Jason, Emery Hope Sehorn, was born in 2008.

Angie is known for her fashion sense and is a picturesque person.

On her Instagram bio, she has described herself as a "DJ."

Angie Harmon’s Life with Her Kids

Over the years, fans have witnessedHarmon and her kids together on various occasions. From Hollywood events to social media posts, they seem inseparable.

TheLaw & Order star was seen with her three daughters on 2021’s Christmas.

She took to Instagram to share a family snap while wishing her followers a Merry Christmas.

“Wishing blessings & love to everyone everywhere,” she captioned before implying that she felt grateful to be spending the holidays seasons with her girls.

Angie Harmon with her three kids on Christmas 2021. (Photo: Instagram)

In the picture, she sat with her eldest daughter, Finley, at the back ofSanta’s sleigh, while her other two daughters sat ahead of the two at the front.

Harmon similarly posted a picture of her daughters in September 2021, expressing how much she loved them. She said that they were everything to her, and they made her heart sing.

Besides, she also recalled the story behind that particular picture. “...there was only 1 hour (prob less) that all three of my beautiful girls would be at the same camp TOGETHER,” she remembered.

She continued to exclaim, “Only this ONE time/moment in their lives… I BEGGED/PLEADED/DEMANDED they find their little sister & capture the moment… Look how these rockstars came through!”

Well, that’s how the mother and her daughters have lived with each other throughout the years— by sharing love, supporting one another, and living together.

Angie Harmon was Engaged to Greg Vaughan

After her divorce from her former husbandSehorn,Harmon found love withThe Young and the Restless starGreg Vaughan.

The couple also got engaged to each other in December 2019. The actress posteda series of holiday photos on Instagram sharing the news.

In pictures, Vaughan wasseen down on one knee, holding a red jewelry box in one hand and Harmon’s hand in the other. Harmon’s expression suggested she was surprised.

In another snap, the actress also showed off the large pear-shaped ring in a smiling selfie with her then-fiancé.

“Marry, Marry Christmas!! #moderndaybradybunch #blessed #grateful #family #christmas2019,”the actress wrote in her announcement post. “Wishing you the most wonderful holiday from our family to yours!”

But it seems like the couple is no longer together. Even though they haven’t confirmed anything related to the split, fans suspected it after they deleted pictures of each other from social media.

What Has Angie Harmon Been Up To Since Law & Order?

Angie Harmon beganher modeling career in her teenage days starring on the cover of Seventeen Magazine in 1987 at age 15.

Despite not having any acting lessons, Harmon's got her breakthrough role in 1995 on Baywatch after David Hasselhoff discovered her on a plane and offered the role, but she initially declined only to take the role later.

In 1998, she joined the cast of Law & Order to portray assistant district attorney Abbie Carmichael and spent three seasons till 2001,acting in the American police procedural and crime drama series.

After realizing that she has to move on from the character and explore her acting prowess, Harmon left the show to pursue her dream of being a movie star and also to have more time allocated to her then-husband Jason Sehorn, as they had been recently married then.

"There has to become a point where I can't constantly be saying to Jack McCoy, 'Why don't we do this' ... As an actor, you're trying to stand up for the integrity of your character and it's hard,"she shared, according to Looper.

"Here's kind of my motto — if you're not happy at home, you're not happy anywhere else. So, he and my marriage come first, and when he's in football season, I don't work. I think that answers a lot of questions like why isn't Angie Harmon doing more? That's why," she added.

Since then, she has portrayed the lead role of Jane Rizzoli in the crime series,Rizzoli & Isles (2010-2016). She also has many brief appearances in various tv shows and series.

Harmon was also seen in movies such as Agent Cody Banks, The Deal, Fun with Dick and Jane, End Game, Seraphim Falls, and Living Proof.


Angie Harmons Kids Grew Up Alongside Her after Divorce from Ex Husband (2024)
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