Angie Harmon Sues Instacart and Delivery Driver After Her Dog Was Shot and Killed (2024)

Angie Harmon Sues Instacart and Delivery Driver After Her Dog Was Shot and Killed (1)

  • Angie Harmon has filed a lawsuit against Instacart and a delivery driver a little over one month after her dog was shot and killed.
  • In the suit obtained by PEOPLE, attorneys for Harmon are suing the grocery delivery service and the driver for alleged trespassing, negligence, invasion of privacy and more.
  • The Rizzoli & Isles alum is seeking over $25,000 in damages, though the exact amount will be determined at trial.

Angie Harmon is suing Instacart and a delivery driver more than a month after she claimed her dog was shot and killed.

According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE, the Rizzoli & Isles alum, 51, is suing the grocery delivery service and the driver, whom the suit names as Christopher Anthoney Reid, for alleged trespassing, conversion, negligence, negligent supervision/hiring, invasion of privacy and negligent misrepresentation. She is seeking over $25,000 in damages, though the exact amount will be determined at trial.

In the filing, lawyers for Harmon claim that the actress scheduled a grocery delivery from a Charlotte, North Carolina grocery chain on March 30. At the time, the suit alleges that Harmon believed she was interacting with the delivery driver named "Merle," whose profile picture depicted an older woman, while answering questions about her order.

Man Who Killed Angie Harmon's Dog Said It 'Attacked' Him, But Police Found No Visible Injuries

However, the attorneys claim that Reid was the one who arrived at Harmon’s property to deliver the groceries. The suit alleges “Reid was impersonating Merle on the Instacart app” and consequently, Harmon had “no idea she had been communicating” with Reid, who is described as “a tall and intimidating younger man.”

Once Reid arrived, Harmon allegedly “heard what sounded like a gun shot" with her children in the backyard. “Terrified for her children's safety, Ms. Harmon immediately ran downstairs to determine to source of what she thought was a gun shot,” the suit claims.

When she arrived outside, Harmon allegedly noticed Reid “was placing a gun in the front of his pants, potentially in his pant pocket. Looking to the side, she saw that her beloved dog, Oliver, was shot. Although shot, Oliver was still alive.”

Angie Harmon Sues Instacart and Delivery Driver After Her Dog Was Shot and Killed (3)

Angie Harmon Shares ‘Don’t Give Up’ Message After Her Dog Is Shot and Killed by Instacart Driver

She then rushed the animal to the veterinarian's office, where Oliver died. After the incident, police arrived and questioned Reid butthe Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department closed the investigation before a necropsy or animal autopsy was performed.

The suit alleges that Reid was “not injured” or “seriously threatened” by Harmon’s dog and had “ample opportunity” to leave the property unharmed without shooting the dog.

Instacart shared a statement about the incident to PEOPLE in April, noting they have suspended the shopper from the platform and worked with local law enforcement on their investigation. On May 14, the company provided a further statement: “Our hearts continue to be with Ms. Harmon and her family following this disturbing incident," it read. "While we cannot comment on pending litigation, we have no tolerance for violence of any kind, and the shopper account has been permanently deactivated from our platform.”

Per their user agreement, Instacart prohibits any violence or aggression on their platform, including carrying a weapon. They also prohibit fraud, including sharing account information and delegating shopping and delivering responsibilities to someone who does not have an active and valid shopper account. Only individuals who have a valid and active shopper account may shop on their platform and must be the ones who accept and deliver to customers. There are several security measures to prevent fraud and ensure that only active and properly background-checked shoppers have access to the platform and use it in the proper manner.

PEOPLE has reached out to Reid for comment.

The suit comes more than a month after Harmon shared on Instagram that Oliver was allegedly killed by an Instacart delivery man.

Angie Harmon Says Instacart Driver Shot and Killed Her Dog During Delivery

In a post filled with photos and videos of the German shepherd/beagle mix, Harmon wrote that the driver "got out of his car, delivered the food & THEN shot [their] dog."

"This Easter weekend a man delivering groceries for Instacart shot & killed our precious Oliver," she wrote. "Our ring camera was charging in the house, which he saw & then knew he wasn't being recorded."

An Instacart representative said in a statement to PEOPLE at the time, "We were deeply saddened and disturbed to hear about this incident. We have no tolerance for violence of any kind, and the shopper account was immediately suspended from our platform. We have been in direct contact with the customer and are cooperating with law enforcement on their investigation."

Harmon explained that authorities let the driver "go, because he claimed 'self-defense,'" adding, "He did not have a scratch or bite on him nor were his pants torn."

Per a statement shared with PEOPLE, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department learned in their investigation that the driver arrived at the home and delivered the order. "The driver told officers that a dog attacked him while he was at the residence and that he defended himself by firing a single gunshot, striking and mortally wounding the dog. Another dog was present at the residence but did not attack," per CMPD Public Affairs. The CMPD’s Animal Care and Control also responded to the scene.

The driver was not charged with any criminal charges. Additionally, the "CMPD is not currently seeking any additional parties."

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Harmon added on Instagram, "We are completely traumatized & beyond devastated at the loss of our beloved boy & family member. #RIP OLLIE 🐶🐾🕊️🌈."

Angie Harmon Sues Instacart and Delivery Driver After Her Dog Was Shot and Killed (2024)
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