6 New Year's Recipes (2024)

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6 New Year's Recipes (1)

Hello, Happy New Year! Today I have collected three recipes for New Year’s Eve and three recipes for New Year’s Day, including my favorite New Year’s Day meal, Black Eyed Peas. Check out these recipes and be sure to read to the end to check out my most-used kitchen utensils of 2022.

Below, I've collected 6 recipes perfect for New Year's and put them together for you. If you're interested in making any or all, just follow the links for the full recipe card.

The Summary

Kelly is sharing 6 recipes perfect for New Year's Eve and Day

You can get the full recipe card for a dish by clicking the link at the end of each section

Kelly's list of most-used kitchen utensils of 2022 is at the end of the post

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1. New Year's Eve Charcuterie Board with marinated olives recipe

Happy New Year, everyone! Wow!! Celebrating the end of 2020 has brought the world together; we can shed the weight of the number 2020 and look toward the brightness ahead. I have a perfect way to celebrate the end of this year: a New Year’s Eve Charcuterie Board. I love this idea because you can assemble it early and snack all night – which is my favorite way to eat. A homemade olive mix serves as the centerpiece in this arrangement, but every layer of this board plays a special role.

6 New Year's Recipes (2)

2. Savory Star Tear and Share

Hello and welcome, friends! I am squeezing in an appetizer recipe today, just in time for New Year’s Eve. I got more than a few requests for a savory version of the Nutella and Cherry Tear and Share; so today, we have a quick and easy Savory Star Tear and Share – filled with sausage, smoked Gouda cheese and fig preserves. Make it as an appetizer, or serve it for two to six with a big salad for a light dinner. Let’s get to this Savory Star!

6 New Year's Recipes (3)

3. Hot and Cheesy Crab Dip

Welcome friends! How are your holiday preparations coming along? Have you finished all your shopping; have your menu planned? Today I have a super simple, but super impressive Hot and Cheesy Crab dip that would be a great addition to your appetizer menu. Let’s get right to it!

6 New Year's Recipes (4)

Greetings from Tybee Island! I love shrimp and grits. I am compelled to order them any, and every, time I see them on a menu. But, I had never made them myself. Well, that had to change, especially while we’re here at Tybee. So today, we are making cheesy grits and shrimp, with an egg, for breakfast.

6 New Year's Recipes (5)

5. The Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

Hello and welcome to Djalali Cooks! It’s no secret that we are serious fans of sandwiches at the Djalali house. We are also really into breakfast food. So we usually make breakfast sandwiches a few times a week. I often incorporate leftover meat, but the true favorite is the Bacon, Egg and Cheese – The Perfect Breakfast Sandwich!

6 New Year's Recipes (6)

6. New Year’s Day Black Eyed Peas

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! Today’s recipe is a New Year’s Day tradition for Alex and me, and for so many across the United States! In Southern traditions, Black Eyed Peas are eaten with Greens and Cornbread, to bring prosperity in the new year. I can’t recall exactly when I started making a pot of New Year’s Day Black Eyed Peas, but every year the recipe is a little different. This year’s recipe, though, is my favorite version.

6 New Year's Recipes (7)

my most-used kitchen utensils of 2022

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6 New Year's Recipes (2024)


What are the 7 Lucky new year's food traditions around? ›

7 Lucky New Year's Traditions
  • Grapes // Spain. Better hope all those grapes taste sweet! ...
  • Black-Eyed Peas // Southern United States. ...
  • Soba Noodles // Japan. ...
  • Pomegranate // Eastern Europe. ...
  • Lentils // Europe & South America. ...
  • Marzipan Pigs // Germany & Scandinavia. ...
  • Pickled Herring // Poland, Scandinavia.

What foods are you supposed to eat for new year's Day? ›

Food traditions that you can do to bring good luck next year
  • Pork. Pork is thought to bring good luck on New Year's Day. ...
  • Cabbage. ...
  • Black-Eyed Peas. ...
  • Greens. ...
  • Lentils. ...
  • Fish. ...
  • Noodles. ...
  • Grapes and other fruit.
Dec 31, 2023

What is your first meal of new year's supposed to be? ›

Greens, pork, and cornbread, as well as black-eyed peas, cowpeas, or beans, are some of the typical symbolic foods served on New Year's Day. When planning your dinner menu, add the Southern foods that some say bring good luck and avoid those that may do just the opposite in the new year.

What's the best meal for new year's Eve? ›

New Year's Eve Dinner Ideas
  • Roasted Beef Tenderloin. ...
  • Halloumi Chicken Parmesan With Za'atar. ...
  • Tardivo Salad With Pistachio and Citrus. Nikita Richardson, Mary Attea. ...
  • Seared Bone-In Rib-Eye Steaks. Genevieve Ko. ...
  • Easy. Roasted Salmon With Miso Cream. ...
  • Easy. Shrimp Pasta. ...
  • Ombré Gratin. Alexa Weibel. ...
  • Lobster Thermidor. Lidey Heuck.

What are 3 foods that are eaten on new year's Day? ›

Looking for prosperity? As Southern tradition dictates, black-eyed peas, greens, and cornbread represent pennies, dollars, and gold, respectively, so eating them together on New Year's will keep your purse full all year long.

Can you eat scrambled eggs on new year's Day? ›

White-Colored Foods are a no no on New Year's Day, foods that are all white in color, such as rice, bread, eggs, and tofu. According to ancient Chinese beliefs, white symbolizes death– so it is considered unlucky to eat white colored-food on New Year's Day.

What not to eat on new year's Day dinner? ›

It's said that you shouldn't eat winged fowl (read: birds like turkey or chicken), bottom feeders (like shrimp or catfish), or any seafood that swims backward or side to side (like lobster or crab).

What meat are you not supposed to eat on new year's Day? ›

Good luck is an elusive thing, and wings can help good luck just fly away. It's doubly important not to eat chicken on New Year's Day. Not only do chickens have wings, which as you have learned, can make your good luck fly away, they also eat by scratching backward.

What not to cook on new year's Eve? ›

Lobster, cows, and chicken are all considered unlucky animals to eat on New Year's because of how they move. Read on for more foods superstitious people try to avoid on the holiday.

What not to do on new year's Day? ›

Don't Clean the House on New Year's Day - You will wash away any good luck coming your way.

What is the luckiest food to eat on new year's Day? ›

A ubiquitous New Year's Day good luck food in Europe and the United States, leafy greens from kale to collards are eaten to represent money and wealth. In the American South, collard greens especially are eaten with two other New Year's good luck foods, black-eyed peas and cornbread, for some extra fortune.

Can I wash dishes on new year's Day? ›

For most people, it is traditional to start the New Year as they mean to go on with swept floors, folded laundry, and a sparklingly clean abode. But don't grab your sponge and washcloth today because superstition says it's bad luck to do chores on January 1.

Why do we eat cabbage on new year's Day? ›

Meanwhile, cabbage leaves are thought to bring prosperity to those who eat them on New Year's Day. Long believed to be an antidote to an overzealous night on the town, menudo is part of many holiday celebrations, especially breakfast on New Year's Day.

What is a traditional black new year's dinner? ›

In the south your New Year meal must include collard greens, black-eyed peas, pork and cornbread. They're said to bring good health, wealth and good luck. Black-eyed peas in some form, always. They can be made in Hoppin' John, a salad, or just cooked like regular beans (some people add ham, bacon, or other pork.)

Is shrimp good for new year's Eve? ›

Shrimp – Good Fortune

Shrimp is a savory symbol of good fortune. Eating shrimp is said to bring you happiness into your new year. The idea of good fortune is that of overall success and prosperity. It means more than just wealth, but also joy, health, laughter, success, and betterment.

Where is it tradition to eat 7 9 or 12 meals on new year's Eve? ›

Estonians feast as many as 7, 9, or even 12 times on New Year's Eve, as they believe for each meal consumed, the person gains the strength of that many men the following year.

What is the meaning of 12 fruits for new year? ›

Like other cultures that consume lentils and other round foods, the 12 round fruits of the Philippines symbolize coins and prosperity and are thought to bring good luck for the New Year. The number 12 is for each month of the year, although 13 fruits are sometimes consumed as well.

What are the 12 fruits for new year 2024? ›

Master Hanz Cua said that the 12 lucky fruits in welcoming the new year are apples, oranges, bananas, watermelons, papaya, melons, pears, kiat-kiat, grapes, pineapples, mangoes, and lemon or calamansi.

What does it mean to eat 12 grapes at midnight? ›

Originating in Spain, the tradition of eating grapes at the stroke of midnight is believed to welcome good fortune and prosperity in the new year. It's known as "Las doce uvas de la suerte," or "The twelve grapes of luck,” and each of the 12 grapes represents a month of the new year.

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